19-GB is a cat, representing Life #7 of Garfield, in Garfield: His 9 Lives.


19-GB 0

How the segment portrays 19-GB, immediately after the usual Garfield finishes telling a brief description of his seventh life.

In Garfield's seventh life, he was a laboratory animal in a government research facility, specifically lab 6B. Here two male scientists are seen with the scared cat on a table, when one pulls out a syringe, injecting the cat off-screen and placing it in a cage. 19-GB appears to be in an artificially tranquilized state, until some time later, when the scientists intend to dissect it for their purposes.

19-GB escapes however by lunging at the scientist who opened the cage, and then jumps out the window, smashing one of the panes in the process of doing so. 19-GB is shone upon with a flashlight by a government official - this is followed by a helicopter taking off which Garfield manages to climb upon in time as it's lifting off. He jumps off as the helicopter is passing a low-hanging ledge and searches throughout the dark woods yonder until encountering a vicious dog which jumps out from behind a log and leads 19-GB to climb up to a tree branch which then breaks and sends him to the river below.

In the next scene he is seen wet and fatigued but otherwise okay, collapsing on the ground from exhaustion. It is at this moment Garfield begins transforming due to the afore-mentioned chemicals that were injected by the syringe, causing him to morph into a dog breed identical to the one that chased him earlier. He blends in with the search dogs used by the military to try to find 19-GB and evades detection. This segment thus ends.


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