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Aloysius Pig (voiced by comedian Kevin Meaney ) is Orson's pushy cousin in Garfield and Friends. He took charge in 3 episodes of the seventh season: Temp Trouble, The Discount of Monte Cristo and Kiddie Korner.


Aloysius bean-counts every scene, looking for anything that might be the least bit objectionable or cutting out anything that would be slightly considered over the show's budget, to the annoyance of the rest of the cast. His catchphrase is "That's not right!!".


  • His voice actor, Kevin Meaney, shares the same catchphrase as him.
  • He has a dartboard that he uses to plan each season of TV.
  • He never appeared in the U.S. Acres comic strip.
  • He was the only US Acres character to have his mom shown on the show.
  • In the episode Kiddie Korner, he takes off his hat after saying "I don't care!" to attack Orson after he thinks running around the town in a nightgown a la Wee Willy Winkie would be a bad example for kids. He puts it back on a few seconds later.
  • He doesn't take off his glasses, possibly because he has eyes like Booker, and due to all his angered changes, it would be hard to tell what eyes he really has, since he would have made shocked eyes (which look like the ones the other US Acres characters have) a lot in his episodes.
  • In each episode, the gang gets revenge on Aloysius by doing something to him. In Temp Trouble, they called his mom on the phone to pick him up and tell him to clean his room. In The Discount of Monte Cristo, the gang tells a story where he is on a deserted island and he is left stranded there because everyone was fired. In Kiddie Korner, Aloysius is asked to sing a nursery rhyme about himself. All is fine until he realizes the gang will throw pies at him, so he runs from the studio.
  • Apparently, he can pull things out of the back of his jacket via hammerspace, as he does not have a pocket anywhere on him when we are shown his back view in the show. He pulls something out of it once every post-"Temp Trouble" episode. In "The Discount of Monte Cristo", it was a smiley face collage, which he called "An army of artists", and in "Kiddie Korner", it was his buisness card.
  • Kevin Meaney's role as Aloysius was liked so much by the people who did Garfield and Friends that he appeared on other cartoons, such as a character on Duckman and Widow Hutchison on the Rocko's Modern Life episode "The Big Question/The Big Answer". Before Garfield and Friends, his only appearance on a cartoon was on Space Ghost Coast To Coast, which combines live action with animation.
  • On the day the Northridge Earthquake occured, according to Mark Evanier, Kevin Meaney was in Los Angeles recording lines for Aloysius' second episode, The Discount of Monte Cristo.
  • According to The Discount of Monte Cristo, his favorite food is possibly donuts. Aloysius says that some things that were costly were cells, pencils and donuts. Seeing that the next item in the set was possibly "paints", he possibly listed donuts because he was hungry at that moment.
  • Although he is tiny, he can become taller. Right before Roy's impersonation of "DA DUM! THE NETWORK!" in "Kiddie Korner", his legs become bigger. Also, he does this when saying "THE NETWORK!" for the first time, and before giving demerits for questioning his authority.
  • His mother, Mrs. Pig, was also voiced by Kevin Meaney. When you pitch down any of her lines to around -12 percent, her voice changes to that of a male's. The creators of the show high-pitched Mrs. Pig's voice actor's voice to be female.
  • Without his hat on, Aloysius is as tall as Orson from his feet from halfway up his cheek. With his hat on, he's as tall as him up to the bottom of his eyes.
  • Aloysius commonly looks off-model in the show since he is possibly a hard to draw character.
  • Out of all the U.S. Acres main characters, Aloysius has never met Bo.

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