Animation errors are phenomena in cartoons, when certain scenes look strange, inconsistent or sometimes illogical. Usually these mistakes are committed by artists working on animation, often due to lack of diligence.

In Garfield and Friends, there is one episode intentionally full of weird and inconsistent scenes named Mistakes Will Happen, since its humor is supposed to revolve around such lack of logical continuity.

Types of animation errors in Garfield and Friends

Animation and technical glitches


This error frequently appears in Season 6, where certain characters (Mona and Penelope Pussycat, see below) have two or more color schemes even in the same episode.

Sizing and shape errors

These errors usually occur as attempts of depicting certain facial expressions of characters, especially verbal communication (talking, yelling, yawning and so on). Female cats in Garfield and Friends episodes often suffer from such imperfections (see examples below).

Notable examples

Penelope Pussycat

In some of the Garfield and Friends episodes, there are some animation errors on Penelope appearing:

- Penny temporarily retains her eyelashes after escaping the dog catcher's van, only to have them disappear in later scenes of the episode;

- while waiting for Garfield, the flesh inside Penelope's ears changes color into gray, just like her fur; - some of Penny's facial expressions, especially those sideways and grumpy, don't look as they should; - while hearing Mister Rock and Roll for the first time, Penny's hairdo raises into a bouffant similar to Mona from The Life and Times of the Lasagna Kid; - during reaction to performance given by Garfield Presley, Penelope's lips tend to increase their size to an exaggerated level while screaming;

- just before her and Garfield's offspring appears - while turning her head from left to right, Penelope lacks the fur inside her ears when spotted en face;

- Penelope, as a cowgirl, is wearing a Stetson hat, which covers the upper part of her head except her eyes.

- two scenes depict Penelope with wrong fur color and eyelashes.


Saloon owner from The Life and Times of the Lasagna Kid tends to change her fur color from silver gray to dark beige, depending on scene in the episode. Other animation errors affecting Mona include:

  • her bouffant bent due to rapid movement;
  • weird-looking certain face expressions;
  • incomplete eyes while winking;
  • over-sized fingers in the cooking scene before Mona was kidnapped;
  • lips bent under not convincing angles - it often looks as if Mona's upper lip was moved towards the lower lip.


In the scene of Beach Blanket Bonzo, where Garfield gives Lola seaweed in lieu of flowers, the female lacks purple eyeshadow while winking. Moreover, Lola's eyelids have the same light blue color like opened eyes.

Season 3

Twice Told Tale

Season 7

Suburban Jungle

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