Animation errors are phenomena in cartoons, when certain scenes look strange, inconsistent or sometimes illogical. Usually these mistakes are committed by artists working on animation, often due to lack of diligence.

Types of animation errors

Animation and technical glitches


This error frequently appears in Garfield and Friends Season 6, where certain characters (Mona and Penelope Pussycat, see below) have two or more color schemes even in the same episode.

Sizing and shape errors

These errors usually occur as attempts of depicting certain facial expressions of characters, especially verbal communication (talking, yelling, yawning and so on). Female cats in Garfield and Friends episodes often suffer from these imperfections.

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Season 2

Brain Boy


Beach Blanket Bonzo

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Season 3

Twice Told Tale

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Mistakes Will Happen

The episode's goofs are intentionally full of weird and inconsistent scenes, since its humor is supposed to revolve around the lack of logical continuity.

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The Wise Man

Season 5

The Garfield Rap

Season 6

The Floyd Story

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The Third Penelope Episode

Season 7

The Guy of Her Dreams

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