Jon's mother who's always cooking up a meal, and sending Garfield the most uncomfortable sweaters.

A Garfield Christmas Special, she was voiced by Julie Payne.


Jon's dad only appears in Garfield Christmas Special, but appears in the comic strip.

He was voiced by Pat Harrington, Jr.

Doc Boy

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Doc Boy Jon's only brother who tends to the pigs on the farm, and who is as much a loser as Jon. Resents being called Doc Boy (which is obviously a nickname, for Jon used to call him Iguana Gums). He is apparently younger than Jon.

Doc Boy appears in comic strip, 1987 Christmas TV Special, and the Garfield show


Grandma is a Harley-riding, leather-wearing old lady. She loves Jon and Garfield, and occasionally makes appearances throughout the series. The most is revealed about her in Garfield's Christmas special, where it is revealed that her husband has passed away and she talks about her life with him. Grandma has had many children and even though she is a grandmother of many and a great grandmother of one (Jon's cousins daughter) she would like to have another baby because she claims to be on 57.

Grandma appears in comic strip and 2 TV Specials only.


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Lyman appears in comic strip only Friend of Jon's who lived with him for a while and was the original owner of Odie. He first appeared on August 7, 1978. However, He disappeared from the comic in 1983 and his disappearance was never fully elaborated upon. His last appearance in the strip was a cameo on Garfield's 10th Birthday June 19, 1988 where he appears in the title panel seated between Jon's Dad and Liz, he also appears in a flashback panel within the strip. Recently, Davis was forced to directly address the issue of 'What happened to Lyman?'. According to Davis, Lyman's original purpose was to be someone who Jon could actually talk to and express other ideas—a role more and more taken over by Garfield himself. Hence he was removed without explanation. The closest thing Davis has ever given to explain his absence is "Don't look in Jon's basement". In the Web game "Scary Scavenger Hunt" he's shown chained onto the wall in the basement of a haunted mansion as well as screaming in a bathtub upstairs (in a scene clearly referencing the "shower scene" in the film Psycho; even the screeching violins from the infamous scene are played here). In "Scary Scavenger Hunt 2", his head is found inside the kitchen oven. This "in the basement" joke was revealed by Jim Davis to not be entirely true. In an interview he mentioned that the real reason the Lyman disappeared was that he joined the Peace Corps and was never heard from again.