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Arlene is a major character in the Garfield comic strip, movies and the The Garfield Show.


She first appeared on December 17, 1980, and her name was first mentioned a day afterward. Arlene regularly appeared in the strip in the 1980s, but has been shown less often since then. Arlene was supposed to appear in what was supposed to be Garfield's first animated feature film, Garfield's Judgement Day, though it was canceled due to no one funding the production. She later appeared in The Garfield Show as a minor character and has made most of her appearances in the first and third season.


Arlene is a slim, sleek, long-tailed, pink-furred cat, with a narrow neck and red lips, which seems to be the only one of its kind living in the world. Earlier in the strip's run, she also had a big gap between her two front teeth, which Garfield often ridiculed. In the cartoon, she has three fingers (including her thumb) like Odie, but in CGI movies & The Garfield Show, she is now shown to have four fingers.


Arlene is Garfield's on-and-off girlfriend who can successfully crack jokes at the expense of Garfield regularly. She loves to make smart remarks about him, probably due to his enormous ego. Since 2007, Garfield and Arlene's relationship has become a bit more serious than before but they haven't clicked just yet due to their conflicting personalities. But they do have some things in common, like their love of fish and donuts.

More to Come


  • She has appeared 124 times in the comics as of the 19th of June 2016.
  • Her appearance is similar to Neferkitty but with different colouring and personalities.
  • Arlene had a gap in appearances as she once appeared on March 14, 1999 and did not appear again until May 12, 2008 (she has appeared 44 times since).


Garfield and Friends

Total: 1

Season 4

The Garfield Show

Total: 20

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Overall Appearances: 21

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