Aunt Ivy (voiced by Laraine Newman) is Jon and Doc Boy's aunt.


She has red/orange hair, purple sunglasses and wears a pink track jacket with pink track sweatpants.


A mean and bossy person, she seems to delight on making people wait on her hand and foot. She is shown to make constant loud unreasonable demands of Jon, yet denies his most reasonable requests. (i.e. getting out of the bathroom after two hours so that he can use it). While Garfield hates her as much as anyone, he likes having her on the show ("Compared to [Aunt Ivy] I actually seem easy to live with").
Aunt Ivy 2

Jon driving Aunt Ivy to Doc Boy's farm


The Garfield Show

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • She has (or at least had) a intense fear of mice.
  • She is scared of bunny slippers.
  • She is similar to Jon's Uncle Ed, only her harsh personality leads to Jon tiring of her in days, as opposed to months.
  • In France, she is known as "Aunt Sylvie".

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