• Flamey2010

    For Brazilian Users who don't understand english, i made Garfieldpedia Wikia (Brazilian Version of Garfield Wikia) to any brazilian (like me) understand. It will be place when brazilians see and edit pages. Have fun! And if you want to be admin, tell to me in user talk page!

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  • Cayser1111

    Hey guys, I just want to give my honest opinion about galleries. I really don't think the images' names should be abbreviated. Like for example, G'SBABS 170. I don't think the title is descriptive enogh. I'm more used to it not being abbreviated. I think they should be named like for example, Garfield'sBabesandBullets170. Just giving my frank opinion that's all.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    ...and (potentially) good news for artistic fans:

    Update: The deadline appears to have been extended; it will now end on August 31, instead of August 21.

    Update: Also check out the release form.

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  • Cooljoe01

    Welcome! I have written this blog post to express my thoughts on Aggression.

    Over the past few days, in comment sections, aggression seems to have become a common thing, mostly between three specific users as named:

    TeeJay87 (another admin)
    Jonisthebest (a contributor)
    Abdullahi95 (another contributor)

    While I enjoy the company of my fellow contributors, that still doesn't mean that comment sections should become a battle zone.

    Most of the aggression on the wikia is mostly caused by opinions. On things such as religion, politics or even silly things such as relationships between characters.

    Some users may apologize, but might start it all over again. When you make an apology, you must keep it, and not end back at square one.

    The wikia is meant for …

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  • TeeJay87

    Last year I have written a blog entry about fandoms having impact on TV shows , where couple of doubtfully good phenomena were presented. During work on that blog entry, I was aware that certain Internet users go that far to label our favorite orange tabby as "genderless", though it seemed to remain on the level of society's margin.

    Having read this , it turned out the aforesaid issue grew such severe, that Jim Davis had to make intervention and admit in public, that Garfield is male. As if male name, typical male conduct (including bold challenges shown in …

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    I am generally out of the screengrab business for the time being.  I may upload a few from time to time, but not on a regular basis, and certainly not entire features.

    Granted, the main reason I got into the whole thing in the first place was due to a certain user (now banned) who egged me on to get certain pictures on here.  However, I've stopped because my previous computer no longer seems to be able to use the DVD drive I have, while my current computer can use it, but makes the screengrab process more complicated. There's also the desktop, but I don't usually use it, and haven't used that for pics in a long time.

    I hope you all understand.  I may very well return to the game if I ever get back to an effective method for screengrabs.  I a…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    I don't recall "The Garfield Show Episodes" being accepted as a category.  And yet it has quietly been added to the TGS episode pages on here.

    Administrators, what are your thoughts?

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  • TeeJay87

    Any better motion picture sooner or later gets own merchandise, usually released either by the producer itself, or by outside companies willing to earn on fandom demands. Garfield isn't an exception - PAWS Inc. maintains network of online stores accessible from this page , where various items are offered for sale. The offer addressed to us, fans is quite rich: from comics books and cartoon files to animated cels, original Jim Davis artworks, calendars, postcards, outfits promoting the franchise and even pet bowls.

    Certain products from the offer tend to contradict comics strips and motion pictures canon - notable examples are merchandise apparently designated as wedding gifts and presents for spouses, such as: plat…

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  • Jonisthebest

    These are the amount of times characters have appeared in Garfield as of the 31st of December 2016

    1.Garfield: uncharted

    2.Jon: uncharted

    3.Odie: 1705 appearances

    4.Liz: 575 appearances

    5.Mice: 430 appearances

    6.Spiders: 396 appearances

    7.Trees: 271 appearances

    8.Pooky: 198 appearances

    9.Audience: 161 appearances

    10.Flowers: 157 appearances

    11.Nermal: 148 appearances

    12.Arlene: 131 appearances

    13.Mondays: 115 mentions

    14.Fish: 102 appearances

    15.Irma: 91 appearances

    =16.Mrs. Arbuckle: 84 appearances + mentions

    =16.RX2: 84 appearances

    18.Balls of Yarn: 83 appearances

    19.Lyman: 69 appearances

    20.Mr. Arbuckle: 65 appearances

    My actual list is different.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    I think we should go over how the pages for movies and specials are organized.  Same for anything else where the following applies.

    Both appear* to be largely derived from their Wikipedia counterparts.  I definitely think it would be better for them to be in a style more suitable to the Garfield wiki, more in harmony with the episode pages (but still with the appropriate differences, in regards to different mediums).

    There's no need to just copy and paste from Wikipedia (or anywhere else, for that matter) here.  It may serve as a good starting point at times, but I think the idea for the Garfield Wiki is to offer something else, something that doesn't say "You might as well ignore this site and go to Wikipedia instead".

    |*In general, at least…

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  • Mrkrules

    Hello guys! Since there's plenty of beautiful girls that design very well and I must admit that they make their character look too attractive to be true. Now it's time to write your favorite girl in the comment. Please pick:







    (if you have another opinion from the list just write it on the comment)

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  • Mrkrules

    I had this question come through my mind. I wonder how old Winona and Agibail in your guys opinion. If I guessing Abigail is around 9-12 years old and Winona is around 23-27 years old. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Mark Evanier has recently posted Rodent Rebellion's premiere on Boomerang USA.  He's also had this to say about the show's future status:

    "Season 5 of The Garfield Show consists only of the four episodes of "Rodent Rebellion." There are not nor will there ever be any more in Season 5. We may or may not do a Season 6 but that's still under discussion. Season 5 is just those four cartoons which air as two half-hours."

    So there you have it.  While the four part Rodent Rebellion is the fifth season- no more, no less- The Garfield Show itself isn't necessarily over yet.  Even with the recent news of the Alcon movie series, there's still the possibility of a sixth season.  I imagine that's good news for those who want more episodes, especially wit…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    OK, there's quite a bit being announced for Garfield animated.  Let me break it down for ya:

    • 9 Story Media Group has recently gotten the global rights to the entirety of Garfield and Friends.  It looks like this deal will also include "twelve specials and two direct to video titles" (shouldn't that be three DTV titles? Or are we not talking about the "Comic World" trilogy?). There are plans to remaster this to HD format.
    “This is the first time we’ve awarded the rights to a single distribution partner who will handle all markets and all platforms. We’re very excited to see how the library performs, particularly given the opportunities in digital,” said Jim Davis. “We are sure the classic TV library is in good hands with 9 Story. “

    [1] [2]

    • Alcon…
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  • TeeJay87

    Having noticed, that people on various websites compare Garfield and Friends with The Garfield Show, I've thought about writing my own thoughts about such topic.

    The original cartoons from 1980s and 1990s made by PAWS Inc. were part of my childhood - despite the dubbing was rather poor and the episodes were broadcasted infrequently, those shows had their charm making them pleasant to watch. So, when we got cable TV in 2008 and I found that Boomerang is broadcasting TV Show named "Garfield", I expected my favorite "Garfield and Friends" returning to daily broadcast. It turned out PAWS Inc. made new cartoon with Garfield, much different from the original one.

    Garfield and Friends can be described as animated comedy, similar to shows like Married…

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  • Fear (Inside Out)

    I Don't Want To See Anyone Spamming On Message Walls. This Includes Ignoring Warnings And Spamming Words Like "Banana," Or "Baby." You Also Can't Spam Messages Being Like "IT'S OVER 9,000!!!" Or It's Going To Be Scary.

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  • Jonisthebest

    here are some month and day characters in Garfield with no page

    • Tuesday
    • march
    • february
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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    It appears that whether the show will continue or not has yet to be determined.  Not much to say about new episodes after Rodent Rebellion, but no official word about it being the series finale either.

    Therefore, as long as we don't have an official word to say otherwise, it would probably be best to consider the show to be on hiatus, and not prematurely write it off as cancelled.  Will there be more episodes of TGS?  Will Garfield go on to a new show of some sort?  Let's just wait and see.

    For at least some ideas about the show from someone who actually works on it:

    Vital Orange Cat News - Indicates, but does not prove, that the show is cancelled.

    Mushroom Soup Sunday - Notes that "a script about a lazy, lasagna-eating cat" is being worked on…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman


    January 30, 2016 by Low Spark of Lyman

    As a follow up to Voice Actors to Add (which is currently complete) and Live Actors to Add, I have a list of animators who worked on the Garfield specials (and in some cases, "Friends") that have yet to be added to the wiki.  I also plan to add other crew members some point down the line, perhaps on another blog (so that this one doesn't get too big).

    Again, red means no page yet, blue means there is one.  Although, a link may remain red for a while after creation of a page, so make sure it hasn't been created yet.

    • John Kafka - GGH
    • Kevin Petrilak - GGH, AGC, G:H9L, GBAB, GT, GFF**
    • John Walker - GGH, AGC
    • Steve Clark - AGC
    • Jesse Cosio - AGC
    • James Fujii - AGC
    • Brett Koth - AGC**
    • Ralph Eggleston - G:H9L, GT
    • Sam Ewing - G:H9L
    • Doug Frankel - G:H9L, GT
    • Ruth K…

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  • TeeJay87

    It is natural, that every TV show, just like movies, video games and comics, attracts people being fond of it. The Internet allows those fans meeting up together, discussing about their favorites, exchanging experiences and doing much more things, varying from enjoyable ones to those you would rather call disgusting.

    From what I noticed, certain of those TV shows seem attracting people from not the best environments. Some examples are listed below:

    -1) most of anime and manga - their fans got even nickname "weeaboo" for their often infantile behavior, especially Axis Powers Hetalia, Naruto and Pokemon have vicious fans;

    2) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - moral-teaching cartoon for small kids became surprisingly popular inside teenagers with …

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  • AnimatedTurtle


    January 18, 2016 by AnimatedTurtle

    Hello I am animatedturtle, you can just call me turtle. feel free to ask me any queston on my blog.

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  • TeeJay87

    Kitty Not Equalling Kitty

    January 17, 2016 by TeeJay87

    Those of you, who watched both Garfield and Friends and The Garfield Show may have noticed couple of common features between the cartoons. I do not mean Garfield, Odie, Nermal and Jon Arbuckle - without them, those cartoons would have never belonged to Garfield universe.

    I'm writing this blog entry about two particular characters, who share the name of Miss Kitty:

    As you can see, the one from "The Garfield Show" seems loosely based on original from The Cactus Saga episode, least in terms of fashion. The one in right herself is nobody than simple recolor of Mindy from Black Cat Blues , just supplemented with outfit, makeup and couple of props. Original Miss Kitty from the third season of "Garfield and Friends" ( left) has been certainly drawn…

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  • Nemolee.exe

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Guess What I Found

    December 23, 2015 by Low Spark of Lyman

    A behind the scenes look at the first Garfield TV special.  Features interview bits with Bill Melendez, Lee Mendelson, Lorenzo Music, and Desiree Goyette (Jim Davis appears as well).  And guess which one of them modeled for the opening dance sequence.

    I also didn't know that it was done at the Paramount lot.

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  • Nadiya2000


    December 23, 2015 by Nadiya2000

    Why don't you put monthly comic strips like

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    I'll probably be out for quite a bit of the day, and thus may not be available on chat.  I'll just write what I'd like to share for today here:

    • According to this- - Pat Buttram did have his voice sped up for the role of Cactus Joe.  I guess that's to be expected for someone with only one kind of voice, as opposed to someone like Frank Welker.
    • After doing research on the voice roles of Sharman DiVono (whose name was previously misspelled as Sharman DiVano), it appears that Miss Kitty was actually voiced by Ms. DiVono, rather than Louise DuArt (who wasn't even in that episode).
    • Also, I've decided to add some more information about myself on my profile, in case you haven't noticed.


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  • Low Spark of Lyman


    December 1, 2015 by Low Spark of Lyman

    It has come to my attention that infoboxes on this wiki are a big issue.  A lot of articles don't have one (I'm now reading that that's the case with over 999 on here), and what we have for infoboxes are, mobile-wise, out of date.  Therefore, I plan to make that another project to work on here.  While I don't think it'll be much of a problem getting infoboxes on articles that don't have them (aside from the amount), I don't know yet what it'll take to update the infoboxes so that they can be seen on mobile devices.

    Anyone who wants to help out on this project may certainly do so.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    I don't know if an animation errors section on The Garfield Wiki is needed. Therefore, I think it is best to leave it open for debate.

    If it helps out, here are some examples of wikis with such pages (to give an idea on how the Garfield wiki one could go):

    If you have other (suitable) examples that you think should be inc…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Proposed Wiki Rules

    September 27, 2015 by Low Spark of Lyman

    • Before making drastic changes to an article (especially by removing a large amount of information), you should explain such changes, so that it will be less likely seen as vandalism (reverting blatant vandalism is an exception to this rule).
    • Speculative information is only allowed in the comment section below articles, not directly in articles themselves.
    • When creating articles, make sure they are about topics officially related to Garfield. Articles on unofficial matters (such as fan fiction, or people not confirmed to have worked on any official Garfield features, even if you wish they did) should be avoided. If you’re not sure if a topic is official, try looking up official sources for confirmation. You can also ask an administrator on …

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  • Abdullahi95

    Is there anyone who is looking forward to see the 4th season of The Garfield Show? Well, I am.

    I would definetely like to see some new episodes, since we've been waiting for new episodes for nearly 3 years now. I hope season 5 will come out soon as well.

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  • Nermalfan316


    June 19, 2015 by Nermalfan316

    Well, I suppose you all know who's 37 today...

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    I created this!

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  • Cooljoe01

    There have been specials of The Garfield Show. Season 4 hasn't aired in the US yet. Now, it's time to choose a favorite. Pick yo Pick:

    • Home For The Holidays
    • Unfair Weather

    • Furry Tales
    • Long Lost Lyman
    • Little Trouble In Big China

    • Lion Queen
    • Bewitched
    • The Mean Machine
    • Glitter Gulch
    • Against All Tides
    • Lasagna Tree
    • Into The West

    • Rodent Rebellion

    It is unknown if there is going to be other specials in future.

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  • TeeJay87

    Those of you, who contribute to the Wiki regularly, must have noticed that we use customized award designs to promote certain activities. Couple of those awards were created by me, some by the rest of admins, who shared with us their ideas.

    We still need to create designs for couple more of those awards, one of them is mentioned A Wiki Love - awarded for contributing to the Wiki for 200 days. Staple design looks like this , white diamond with 200 number on green-golden background.

    At least three regular members of this Wiki, including me, are about to obtain this award, we will need appropriate design matching the remaining awards I've created myself:

    - Two Weeks on the Wiki, with Miss …

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  • TeeJay87

    My Garfield Collection

    March 19, 2015 by TeeJay87

    Having promised to share my Garfield merchandise collection, I've decided to post this blog entry. For our convenience, the blog is divided into following sections:

    I've been gathering all those collectibles since 1999, though some of the items were lost or destroyed. As you can see below, my collection consists mostly of goods which used to be available in my homeland with addition of imported American comics books and amount of foreign stuff. Some of my collectibles are custom-recorded DVDs and VHSes recorded either from TV (VHS) or the Internet (DVD); I count them as collectibles created by myself.

    Most of the photographs have own descriptions, which can be read after clicking on the photos.

    This blog doesn't include my fanworks of charact…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Here are some of the items that make up my Garfield collection, including those of particular interest that I thought I'd share.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    News on Badges

    February 25, 2015 by Low Spark of Lyman

    Okay, I just recently enabled some new edit tracks for badges. The thing is, there is something I've realized:

    The new edit tracks only work for pages that have the name of the track in question in the categories. For example, to get badges specifically for The Garfield Show, the pages being edited must have "The Garfield Show" listed as a category. To test this, I've already created two new pages since enabling the edit tracks- one for an episode of Garfield and Friends (Fraidy Cat) and one for an episode of The Garfield Show (The Write Stuff).

    The latter didn't have "The Garfield Show" as a category, thus no badge.

    The former did have the "Garfield and Friends" category, thus meriting a badge.

    It seems we'll need to have certain pages edit…

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  • TeeJay87

    Copycats ?

    February 7, 2015 by TeeJay87

    Some time ago I discovered a website, where you can download original Garfield comics issues by KaBOOM! Studios despite limits including slow file transfer and requirements to have subscribed account, if you would like to download more files.

    During last 2 weeks, I managed to download most of the issues, except those files greater than 100 MB size, which require subscription to have it downloaded. One of the more interesting issues is #15 from 2013 , with one story drawn by Genevieve FT (sample of her style is here ). There is a feline character named Fuzzy Wuzzy, who resemble…

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  • TeeJay87

    Question to Penelope fans

    January 6, 2015 by TeeJay87

    Which of her designs is your favourite ? The samples of her design are below in mini-gallery:

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  • 763492

    I have a dream of building my own company in the future, so I was wondering that at some point, after I found company, it would be nice if I could someday acquire Paws, Inc. and as well as Jim Davis' projects, including Garfield. And despite I could own it, a newspaper distribution Universal-Uclick will or would continue on distribute Garfield comic strips. What would you think of that?

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  • TeeJay87

    Recently, we had a talk with couple of Wiki members, where we came to conclusion, that certain articles are filled with too many images.

    I cannot deny that, though my articles about Penelope episodes were intentionally expanded like that to make them as well-documented as possible; especially since I was confused about the usage of "Article Stub" templates on my articles I considered as completed ones. Besides, I am convinced that some scenes ( for example, the ones with Penelope hopping like rabbit in "The Garfield Musical" and "The Guy of Her Dreams" ) require at least 4 images to depict her movement.

    Today I have made up an idea, which may be solution against both the issue of over-expanded galleries and need of precise documentation. Ple…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    DVD pages

    December 15, 2014 by Low Spark of Lyman

    All right, following a recent dispute, I'd like to bring up the matter on how DVDs (and other home video releases) should be handled, and see what others have to say about it.

    I came up with the List of Garfield home video releases to deal with all of that- have one page to talk about all the videocassettes, DVDs etc. It could get divided into sub-lists later on if it gets too big, especially for sections worth getting their own page. But as far as I know, there aren't any individual releases that are worth having their own articles. Therefore, I propose that we get rid of all- or at least most, should there be any worthy exceptions- DVD pages and transfer any useful info on them (like episode lists and cover art) onto the above link for ho…

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  • Brer Bear888


    November 20, 2014 by Brer Bear888


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  • 763492

    I know there's already been a Garfield themed attractions at theme parks, but I would love it if Universal would also get the rights to use Garfield to their parks worldwide at some point. I think they could make a musical Broadway-style stage show based on Garfield if that happens.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Another issue I'd like to discuss is what I, for one, find to be too many categories on articles. For those who tend to put in a whole lotta categories per article, I have the following advice (in regards what I commonly find):

    • Avoid redundancies/be descriptive. For example, if "Garfield and Friends episodes, Season 4" can be used, there's no need for "Episodes", "Garfield and Friends", etc. I also don't see any need for a general "Characters" category when there's already more descriptive ones for male/female, minor, species, or U.S. Acres. There also doesn't seem to be a need for combined categories (e.g. Male Cats when there's already Cats and Male Characters).
    • Categories are meant to connect articles with shared themes. If a categor…
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  • TeeJay87

    My artworks

    October 17, 2014 by TeeJay87

    Some of my own works with characters from Garfield universe. Having got official permission from admins , I have decided to share some of my works here. You can see those in my Fanart Central gallery

    My works drawn before 2014.

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  • Cooljoe01

    I am Going to give you a really bad story not made by me but someone else here it is:

    gafield was at fridg we was get som lazanga

    but then ther was nock at door! john aways asnwer the dor and gafeld is xat so he cant open dors

    johnn open the dor and was muder! the muder et a nif and sab john wit it


    gafield go up stair to get john

    'what it gafield'

    'ther was a muder at dor!'


    the muder was in the rom now! he shot bulet at johnu

    but then tim slow down and john dog bulet and grab it! he ten tos it at muderer

    but gafeld wwent to get some lazanga! ther was lazanga ouutside! gafeld go outsid

    but ther was muder!

    'OH NO ITS A MUDER' say gafield becus its a muder and muders want to ill people

    gafield go insid o…

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  • 763492

    Garfield manga

    October 1, 2014 by 763492

    What would you think if some comapnies at Japan would someday think of getting the rights to use Garfield and other characters from Jim Davis and Paws, Inc. to make a manga series of them at some point?

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  • 763492

    In the episode on Garfield and Friends, "Crime and Nourishment", where Garfield enters a world with green Smurf-parodied creatures who often eats money and dispose and pay things with food. It's kinda a wired episode I ever watched due to that concept. Eating money as food and depose and pay with food as money? Ha! Imagine you'd pay to get food from McDonald's with a hamburger, Big Mac hamburger that is and even slide few pieces of pepperoni through the coin slot on the venting machine to get soda. And also, Imagine you'd try to order a pizza with slice of $1.00 bills and as well as coins as toppings. Well, I would not in real life because I'd never eat money and pay with food to buy something. It's not that I hate that episode, it's just j…

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