Blues Cat is a song from the opening credits of Garfield: His 9 Lives sung by Lou Rawls.


  • You see, I'm born under a bad sign,
  • Got a reason to cry,
  • The bad signs I was born under,
  • Could fill up the sky.
  • Yeah, I'm a blues cat,
  • And I'm broke from payin' my dues,
  • 'Cause when you got nine lives,
  • You got nine ways to lose.
  • Yeah, I had me nine lives,
  • Rolled snake eyes again and again,
  • And maybe this time,
  • I'll roll me a lucky ten.
  • 'Cause I'm a blues cat,
  • Got nine pages of bad news,
  • Yeah, when you got nine lives,
  • You got nine ways to lose,
  • Nine ways to lose...


  • The lyric "I'm born under a bad sign" is likely a reference to the classic blues song "Born Under a Bad Sign".

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