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Deja Vu is an episode from the seventh and final season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson, Roy, Wade, and the Weasel experience the same event multiple times.


Roy and Orson are playing a game of Badminton. Just as Roy sends the shuttlecock bad, Orson stops and thinks that they have done the cartoon they're in before. Roy guesses it's a rerun, but Orson thinks it's Deja Vu. As they discuss this and resume their Badminton game, the Weasel pops out of a nearby bush, ignores what they said and starts stealing the chickens as usual. Just then, he feels like he's done this before, too.

Orson and Roy resume their game with a repeat of what they said when the cartoon started.

The Weasel runs into Wade and the worrying waterfowl starts to panic. Just as the Weasel makes a break for it, he somehow runs into Wade again. Orson explains the effects of Deja Vu to Roy and Roy comments that it sounds like having cable TV. They find Wade still panicking from seeing the Weasel and try to guess what he say by coming up with things that start with "W" until he blurts out it was the Weasel. They hurry off to catch him, but the Weasel runs into Wade yet again. He then hides the chickens into the bush he hid in and runs back into the coop to steal them again only to realize he already did it. But when he checks for the bag in the bush, it's not there.

Orson reiterates the effects of Deja Vu and Roy reiterates what it sounds like. They can't find the Weasel anywhere and think Wade was wrong and go back to Badminton. The Weasel then relives his first line of the episode and starts panicking over the loop. He runs out and runs into Wade again, knowing what will happen and runs off the farm screaming in fear.

Orson and Roy resume their Badminton game and suddenly end up repeating what they just said. They stop and stand back to back, fearing the loop they are trapped in.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the shortest Orson's Farm segment on the show, lasting less than 5 minutes.
  • This is the final appearance of the Weasel.
  • Roy mentions when the producers had been going through Writer's Block during season two. 

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