Desiree Goyette

Desirée Goyette (married name Desirée Goyette-Bogas) (born September 10, 1956), is a singer, composer and voice actor.

In voiceover, Goyette has portrayed Betty Boop in The Romance of Betty Boop (as well as the Animaniacs parody Googi Goop), Giselle "Danse" Dvorak in Jem, Brenda in a 1987 Cathy special, and Taki in Soul Caliber II. She has co-written music for several Peanuts specials along with Ed Bogas.

Goyette has worked on many Garfield projects, including duets with Lou Rawls for songs from the Garfield specials. Music from the 1982-1989 specials and the first three seasons of Garfield and Friends were written by Goyette and Ed Bogas. On Garfield's Feline Fantasies and Garfield Gets a Life, Goyette collaborated with David Benoit instead.

Goyette is currently active in writing and recording inspirational music under Lightchild Publishing.


Here Comes Garfield

Here Comes Garfield (soundtrack)

Love on a Leash

Happy Birthday, Garfield

Am I Cool or What?

  • Up On a Fence

Garfield on the Town

  • Home Again
  • The Claws (with Lou Rawls)
  • Home Again (reprise)

Garfield in the Rough

  • So Long Old Friend (briefly heard on the radio)
  • The Music of Nature
  • Run-Run I'm Afraid (with Thom Huge)

Garfield in Paradise

  • Inversion Layer Airlines Jingle
  • Hello, Hawaii (Can I Come Over?) (with Lou Rawls)
  • When I Saw You (with Thom Huge)

Garfield Goes Hollywood

  • The Wizard of Love (with Thom Huge and Lorenzo Music)
  • Desiree's Meow Solo

A Garfield Christmas Special

  • Christmas in Your Heart (with Thom Huge, Julie Payne, David Lander and Pat Harrington, Jr.)
  • You Can Never Find An Elf When You Need One (with Lou Rawls)


TV Specials

Garfield on the Town

  • Girl Cat #1

Garfield in the Rough

  • Girl Cats

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

  • Woman at Door

Garfield in Paradise

Garfield Goes Hollywood

  • Desiree the Classical Cat

Garfield: His 9 Lives

  • Chloe

Garfield's Babes and Bullets

Garfield and Friends

Books on Tape

Garfield's Longest Catnap

  • Narrator

Garfield's Picnic Adventure

  • Narrator
  • Jessie
  • Jessie's Mother

Garfield The Cat Show

  • Narrator
  • Nermal
  • Judge


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