Doctors is a song Orson Pig sings, telling Wade Duck that he does not have to worry about doctors in the episode First Aid Wade.


Orson Pig

  • Hey Wade, where you going?
  • You don't have to be afraid.
  • Doctors will help,
  • They make it feel better,
  • They're good at giving first aid.
  • They spend all their lives trying to make you feel better,
  • They don't want to see you in pain,
  • Come on Wade, there's nothing to fear,
  • No point in going insane.
  • People go to doctors,
  • Pets go to doctors,
  • Doctors go to doctors too.
  • They don't have fangs,
  • Or big claws either,
  • They just wanna help you...
  • You...
  • If you've got a sneeze,
  • Or even bruised knees,
  • Their medicine will make you alright,
  • A doctor's your friend until the end,
  • He never hurts you, on purpose,
  • But Roy here might.