Garfield's Feline Fantasies is the twelfth Garfield television special.


Garfield's fantasy life is beginning to take over his life, in a Walter Mitty-esque fashion. He slips into a fantasy world at any moment, sometimes without warning. In one of these fantasies, which composes the bulk of the special, he is Lance Sterling, a mix of and . With his associate Slobberjob (Odie, who has entered the fantasy with Garfield), he travels to exotic locations like , Istanbul, Paris, and the Amazon rainforest to find the legendary "Banana of Bombay," and lay claim to it before his enemy "Fat Guy" gets to it first. On the way they meet a mysterious Moldavian lady named Nadia, who has an agenda of her own. It all ends when that Garfield and Odie wakes up from the fantasy when Jon comes home.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

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