Garfields Judgment day

Garfield's Judgement Day book cover

Garfield's Judgment Day is a Garfield book based on an unfinished animated feature, published in 1990. Unlike the other Garfield books, this book is in a picture book format rather than in the comic book format.


Jim Davis wrote this story as the script for a feature-length, theatrical Garfield cartoon when the prime time animated specials were still in production and popular. Voices were recorded, songs were written and recorded, but no studio wanted to fund the animation, apparently because of the dark, serious tone of the story. After unsuccessfully pitching it as a movie and, eventually, as a television special for several years, Davis tried writing two other feature-length scripts to studios such as Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Fox, but still no studio showed interest.


"There's a terrible storm brewing. It's coming soon. It could mean the end of everything! And only the cats and dogs sense its approach! How can they warn the humans about this impending doom? It's up to the ever-resourceful Garfield to discover a solution. He's racing against time and the deadly storm, but with the help of all the pets in town, and a little Garfield genius, he might find a way to avert disaster! There's no rest for the weary, Garfield. Judgment Day is right around the corner!..."



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  • The book is notable as being the only Garfield book in which the Garfield characters talk to humans.
  • The story establishes Arlene as being a stray cat.
  • The story also establishes that Odie can't speak and has the mind of a real-world dog.
  • The song by Lou Rawls and Desiree Goyette from Happy Birthday, Garfield is the only known recording from the animated version of the story thus far.


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