Not to be confused with the Book.

Garfield: His 9 Lives is the ninth Garfield television special.



In The Beginning

The Special begins with God wanting to create cat. God gives his staff instructions of the physical appearance of the cat. He also suggests that it's eyes should glow in the dark, and that it's should land of it's feet. God plans to give cat's six eyes, but there was only two eyes left. God's staff talk about different features on the cat's face. God congratulates the staff for creating "the perfect animal". His staff become surprised as God then tells them to give the cat, nine lives. He tells the staff that the nine lives would make a good story as the screen fades to black.

Cave Cat

"In my first life, I formulated many of my likes and dislikes. I disliked my rock bed. On the other hand, you wouldn't believe the size of the Pteranodon drumsticks."

Garfield comes onto the screen and tells the viewer that he formed many of his likes and dislikes. He says he disliked his rock bed but liked the size of the Pteranodon drumsticks. A voice in the background tells the viewer that ten million years ago, the first cat crawled out of the sea. He also says that everything was crawling out of the sea such as the first snake, chicken, crabgrass and the first real estate agent. A female cave cat (resembling Arlene), crawls out of the sea and attracts Cave Cat who chases her and bumps into a caveman who is then in pain.

In another scenario, a volcano makes the sound "Foom!". Cave Cat says it twice but after thinking more, he thinks of "Meyow" and repeats the sound as he walks away. Caveman approaches Cave Cat and puts a collar with a leash on him. Cave Cat starts fighting, and is bashed on the head while the caveman shouts "Good Cat". The voice in the background says that Cave Cat learned to live with the caveman and spend his time as modern day cats do. The viewer sees him chasing a mouse who goes into a hole in a rock. Cave Cat sticks his hand and is burned when the mouse was revealed to be a fire breathing mouse.

A caveman is showing the main caveman a simple trick using his thumb. After there is rumbling, The two cavemen are crushed by rocks and tell Cave Cat that "Big Bob" is coming. The cavemen run before big bob (who resembles Odie) appears. Big Bob slobbers onto Cave Cat and runs away. Cave Cat shouts and threatens Big Bob saying that he'll beat him up. Big Bob returns with a tree, wanting to play fetch and drops the tree unto Cave Cat, crushing him. The life ends there.

King Cat

"2000 B.C. was a good year to be a cat in Egypt. We were revered, even worshipped. Ah, for the good old days..."

More to Come...

In The Garden

"My third life was my favorite. My body grew old, but I never, never, never grew up."

Court Musician

"I learned to think on my feet in my fourth life. Thinking was okay, I guess, but now I avoid it whenever possible."

Stunt Cat

"Life No. 5 was short..."

Diana's Piano

"Six must be my lucky number, because that's the life I fell in love with music. I also fell in love with a girl who played the piano just for me."

Lab Animal

"In my seventh life, I was a laboratory animal. To this day, every time I see a test tube, I throw up"


"All that I ever was made me what I am in my eighth life. Somehow, it's falling short of my expectations..."

Space Cat

"I'd like to think I'll live forever, but hey, I'm only human. Here's a sneak preview of my ninth life."


Major Characters

Minor Characters


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