This article is about the comic series. If you are looking for the character the series is named after, see Garfield Arbuckle

Garfield is an ongoing comic series written by Jim Davis and published in over 2,800 newspapers. The first strip was written June 19, 1978, and the comic chronicles the life of Garfield Arbuckle, his owner Jon, and dog Odie.


Garfield got its start after Davis received feedback from his previous comic series called Gnorm Gnat. Davis originally had four main characters: Garfield, Jon, Odie, and Lyman, but eventually Lyman stopped appearing in the strips. Initially, the strips depicted more realistic situations, but starting in 1983 and onward, there have been more cartoony situations in which the characters find themselves in. With time, the art style and behavior of the characters changed. The most notable of this change is that Garfield started standing on his hind legs rather than on all fours.


Because of Garfield's success, the series has spawned many related merchandise, ranging from clothing to credit cards.

Other Media

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Main Characters

  • Garfield - Garfield is the titular character of the series. He is portrayed as fat, lazy, and cynical.
  • Jon Arbuckle - Garfield's owner. Jon is shown to be very clumsy and often dimwitted, as well as usually subservient to Garfield's will.
  • Odie - The family dog, Odie is shown to be very dull, often unaware of what is going on around him, and is the target of Garfield's abuse

Recurring Characters

  • Nermal - Nermal is the "World's Cutest Kitten" and could be considered Garfield's nemesis, often taunting Garfield on his appearance.

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