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Garfield Goes Hollywood is the seventh animated TV special. It premiered on May 8, 1987 on CBS.


Garfield and Odie think their fence-dancing act cannot be beat, as does Jon, who sees a TV show called Pet Search, which is looking for talented pets and if their pet is determined by the audience as "The Most Talented Pet of the Week" they will win $1000 and go on to the National Finals in Hollywood. After seeing last week's winners, a guy playing banjo while is dog simply yelps after his tail is stepped on, Garfield thinks he has it in the bag. Jon is excited about winning the prize of $1,000, but Garfield is not overly impressed by that, more so that this week's winners will get a chance to compete in the finals in Hollywood.

They go to the local studio where their competition consists of a flipping Chihuahua, a parrot, a jumping fish, and tap dancing pigeons. Jon's act consists of singing "Wizard of Love", which is akin to Elvis Presley. Garfield is ashamed at having to wear kitschy 1950s costumes in order for him and Odie to be backup dancers. However, Jon manages to get some applause. The final act is "Bob the Wonder Dog", a dog who plays five instruments at once, causing Garfield to remark they have lost. However, when Odie sees Bob has a zipper on his back, he unmasks him as a man in a dog costume, resulting in a disqualification. The audience boos the other contestants and gives Jon a weak cheer, resulting in Odie, Garfield and Jon being the winners. That night, Jon celebrates his new-found wealth and anticipates the forthcoming trip to California, but Garfield remarks it was not enough to make a spectacle of himself on local TV, now he may be seen by the entire United States, then plops into his bed exhausted.

Garfield, Odie and Jon drive to Hollywood and start to see it as a paradise. When they arrive at the hotel, Garfield thinks the place is better and Jon's home looks like a flea bag. When they arrive at their hotel room Garfield dreams that he and Odie are famous movie stars. Jon is enjoying it but he thinks they will have to go back to reality pretty soon. Garfield and Odie are concerned that their act is too mediocre to win first prize, so they destroy Jon's guitar when he is not looking. When Jon returns, he finds his guitar destroyed and is now worried that they don't have a routine before the finals arrive. This allows Garfield and Odie to come up with a better act for the show.

The finals arrive and Garfield, Odie and Jon arrive in their private dressing room to get ready. Garfield checks out the other acts like a pig playing a piano and three dogs doing ballet and thinks the competition is stiffer than back home. The announcer Bert asks Bob what the prizes will be. Bob tells that the winners will win a contract with a big holly wood movie studio, but before they go to work they will spend six weeks on a world cruise, they will also get matching limousines parked by the pool of their brand new home and will win a check for $1,000,000. For the second place winners, they will win a boat.

The Limon Sisters perform their singing and dancing act, then The Tumbling Garbanzo Brothers perform their acrobat act, then Miles the Jazz Canary performs his jazz music whistling. Jon is now much more serious than he was at the excitement of winning the original $1,000, saying that he thinks being able to return to their old life would be the best prize of all. Garfield is still focused on fame and thinks Jon has lost it. Garfield and Odie perform their tango dancing act as " The Dancing Armandos". The last contestant Desiree the Classical Cat performs her opera singing act making Garfield, Odie and Jon amazed. The Judges have now reached their decision:

  1. Desiree the Classical Cat
  2. The Dancing Armandos (Garfield and Odie)
  3. The Tumbling Garbanzo Brothers
  4. Miles the Jazz Canary
  5. The Limon Sisters

Garfield acts like a sore loser but Jon tells him that they haven't really lost everything that they're still a family and still have each other. Garfield, Odie, and Jon win a boat as the second place prize. The special ends back home where Garfield finally admits to Jon that it was all for the best that they are home again, as they are on their boat, talking about sailing to exotic locations like the South of France, the Fiji Islands, The Gold Coast of Australia or a Caribbean cruise, despite the fact that they live in a landlocked area and have to settle for sitting on it in the backyard.

Major Characters


Johnny Bop and the Two Steps

Minor Characters



  • They Love Us performed by Lou Rawls
  • The Wizard of Love performed by Thom Huge and Desirée Goyette
  • Hollywood Feels So Good performed by Lou Rawls
  • Desiree's Meow Solo" performed by Desirée Goyette

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