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Original Air Date September 24 1988.

First Segment

After Jon brings home a cardboard box of books for test study at night school, Garfield uses the box for imagination.

Second Segment

While Booker is setting up a spring-loaded trap to catch a worm, Orson walks by reading a book about Martians invading Earth. Lanolin points out that Orson’s imagination runs away with him whenever he reads a book, but Orson insists that he can control his imagination.

Orson reads on into the book and comes to a point where the Martians succeed in their invasion by disguising themselves as cheese Danish. Roy overhears him and then plants cheese Danish all over the farm. Orson comes across the Danish, and before an unsuspecting Wade can eat one of them, Orson (mis-)informs him that the Danish are really Martians. Pretending to be in a trance, Roy approaches them, and then Orson convinces Wade that Roy has been hypnotized by the Martians.

Lanolin, Booker and Sheldon start to wonder whether Lanolin had been too hard on Orson about his imagination until a panicky Wade comes to warn them about the Martain invasion. Meanwhile, Roy paints the grain silo up to look like a rocket ship to trick Orson into opening the door and in turn getting buried in grain. He almost succeeds until Lanolin realizes his scheme and then tricks him into opening the door himself.

While Roy is cleaning up the grain, Orson decides that he should stop reading books, but Lanolin says not to stop reading, but stop losing sense of reality. Afterwards, Booker sees what looks like a worm coming from around the corner of the barn, but it turns out to be the nose from a Martian that coincidentally looks like a giant cheese Danish. After Booker runs away, the Martian takes off in its spaceship (also shaped like a cheese Danish), delivering the message that invading the Earth had failed because there was no intelligent life to be found.


Roy: At this rate, I’ll be done in time for Christmas.
Sheldon: What year?
Roy: That I’m not sure of.

Third Segment

School Dazed: Garfield is mistreating Nermal, so Jon decides to send Garfield to an Obedience School. But the business is more like a prison for cats, with a very mean guard. Garfield decides that he has to escape. First Appearance of Nermal and Herman Post.

Title Cards

6. School Daze
4. Box O' Fun
5. Unidentified Flying Orson

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