Air date November 12, 1988.

First Segment: The Binky Show

The Binky Show

After forgetting Jon's birthday, Garfield attempts to win him a prize on a game show called Name That Fish that's hosted by Binky the Clown.

Binky drives Garfield crazy with his mean practical jokes until he suddenly wakes up and finds out it was all only a dream.

Then Binky unexpectedly arrives at Jon's house offering a birthday surprise which would greatly humiliate Jon. Having had enough of Binky, Garfield sprays him with a strong water hose which knocks him into a wheelbarrow that then rolls fiercely down the street.

Garfield decides that getting rid of Binky was the best present he could give to Jon.

Second Segment: Keeping Cool

Wade runs around in a typical frenzy and crashes into Orson. Orson tells him that there is nothing so catastrophic that it warrants that kind of panic, but then Wade reveals that he is frantic because Orson’s brothers are coming to visit. Orson then runs around frantically like Wade, and he explains it’s because when he was a kid, his brothers used to play runt ball with him, using him as the runt.

Bo then comes by and sings a song encouraging Orson to keep his cool, and Orson decides he’s going to do just that -- as soon as his brothers leave. He runs away, and Orson’s brothers ask Bo where he went, and Bo tells them to leave Orson alone. Wade then tells them that they can’t make Bo mad, but they try to make him mad by first pulling his wool off him and then dribbling him like a basketball. After neither act makes Bo mad, they give up and then search for Orson.

Wade is guarding a shed and talking (multi-directionally) about not knowing where Orson is, but when Orson’s brothers approach him, Wade opens the shed and presents Orson (because Wade is a coward). The brothers then commence a game of runt ball, but Bo walks up and suggests a game of tug-of-war, assuring them that he might get mad if he loses.

The brothers agree, and they are soon at one end of a rope under the assumption that Bo is at the other end -- but Bo walks up to them and reveals that the rope is actually connected to a bus, which soon pulls them off to the next county. Wade shows his surprise at seeing Bo mad, to which Bo states that he only gets mad when people are mistreating his friends. Orson asks what they will do when the bus returns with his brothers, and Bo tells him that they’ll be just in time for a train to California.


  • Animated debut of Orson's brothers.
  • Lanolin, Booker and Sheldon do not appear in this episode. Roy only appears during Bo's song.


  • In the flashback, Orson reads Garfield Worldwide, the most recent Garfield collection at the time of this episode’s original broadcast -- meaning it could not have been out during the flashback period. 

Third Segment: Don't Move

Garfield wanders into a fish shop to eat, and tells Odie to stay on the sidewalk on an X he drew, though Odie is distracted and goes on a journey despite Garfield not knowing he has left.


Garfield: (To Odie at the end of the episode, upon coming out of the store and seeing Odie a short distance away from the X) You moved.

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