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Garfield and Friends
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date September 16, 1989
Production # 201
Show 13
Show 15

Air date September 16, 1989

First Segment: Pest of a Guest

Pest of a Guest: During the winter, a greedy cat that appears to be on his death bed is welcomed into Jon's home, where Garfield fears that this intruder will ruin his life, and is therefore determined to get rid of him.

Second Segment: The Impractical Joker

The Impractical Joker: Booker brings Roy his mail, which is an insult joke book. Roy opens it and immediately starts insulting Booker. He then goes on to insult Lanolin, Wade and Sheldon. They all complain to Orson that Roy’s jokes are going too far, but Orson simply states that Roy’s jokes are harmless. He goes to try to reason with Roy anyway, who insults Orson so much that he fires him.

Roy glumly packs his bags, and everyone else tries to convince Orson to hire him back. Orson states that he’ll instead hire a new rooster, someone that is less annoying than Roy. Booker suggests that they find someone more annoying, which prompts Wade to call Fred Duck.

Orson hires Fred even though he really wanted a rooster, and Fred in turn continually insults Orson within minutes. Orson fires him and then tells everyone else to find Roy and rehire him. Everyone thinks Roy is long gone, but it turns out that Roy had actually been hiding in a nearby barrel. When he’s told that his job has been reinstated, he begins to apologize for the insulting things he said, but he can’t do it without laughing. He laughs a little more after each apology and at the end, he walks off laughing uncontrollably.


  • Bo does not appear in this episode.
  • Roy’s joke book is called 1001 Ways to Insult Your Friends.


  • Lanolin: Come on, pig! You said Roy’s jokes were harmless!
  • Orson: Well, I guess that was when they weren’t about me.

  • Roy: Hey, Sheldon, know how to keep a dummy in suspense for 24 hours?
  • Sheldon: No, how?
  • Roy: I'll tell you tomorrow.

  • Roy: [Singing] You're're pink...and worst of all, you stink..


  • During the song cue, when Roy sings the lyric "And worst of all, you stink!", his neck is impossibly long.

Third Segment: Fat and Fury

Fat and Furry: Garfield, Jon, and Odie become famous icons after Garfield buys a winning lottery ticket. Guest voice by Robin Leach.

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