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Air date September 23, 1989.

First Segment:The Great Getaway

The Great Getaway: Jon is visiting New York City, on a holiday without Garfield, where he meets his seating companion on the plane. Little does he know Garfield has hidden in his hand luggage to cause trouble.


  • When Jon is telling Garfield to stay in the hotel, looking at the background through the window, hotel is misspelled as "HOTLE".

Second Segment: Scrambled Eggs

Orson narrates a flashback that began when a mother turtle named Linda was burying her unhatched son in the sand before she left to go bowling. The baby soon unburied himself and exposed his legs through the egg (not unlike Sheldon) because he didn’t want to live life as a turtle. He then ran away and past his mother, who quickly pursued him.

Meanwhile, Booker and Sheldon split up just before Booker goes on a worm hunt. The mother turtle mistook Sheldon for her baby and took him home despite Sheldon insisting that he’s a chick, not her baby. Booker set a trap for a worm that backfired when the worm interfered, and at the end, Booker found the baby turtle (whom he mistakes for Sheldon) and went back to the farm with him.

During all this, Roy’s latest prank was industrial-strength sneeze powder. He found Wade sleeping and tried it out on him, which caused him to sneeze uncontrollably and eventually sneeze through the side of the barn. Roy then came across the turtle and also mistook him for Sheldon, and he shook the sneeze powder on him. The turtle sneezed into a cloud of smoke, and when the smoke cleared, Roy found the turtle and the pieces of the shell. Instead of concluding that the turtle had been inside the egg, he thought that Sheldon’s sneeze evaporated him.

While the mother turtle sat on Sheldon to hatch him, Sheldon turned on his barbecue, which became so hot that the mother jumped up screaming. Sheldon then ran away with the mother a little ways behind him, and the baby turtle came running in the other direction and crashed into Sheldon. Sheldon then ran off again just before the mother ran up, and she recognized her hatched baby and left with him. Back on the farm, Roy mourned Sheldon until he ran past him; then Roy picked him and up and promised to never play another prank (until next week’s show). After Orson concludes the flashback, Wade goes by, still sneezing from the sneeze powder.


  • Bo and Lanolin do not appear in this episode.
  • Wade had no dialogue in the episode.
  • If Orson wanted Sheldon to be born, he could have used Roy's sneeze powder to succeed in it.


  • Orson explains that the mother turtle recognizes the hatched baby turtle as hers because “a mother always knows”. With that reasoning, she should have also known that Sheldon wasn’t her baby.
  • It should have been obvious to Booker and Roy that the baby turtle wasn't Sheldon. The turtle's egg had spots and a tail sticking out.
  • How can Wade be affected by the sneeze powder still if he already sneezed?
  • Booker is seen using a calculator to count how many worms he caught. However, we see him using his wing to press the buttons on the calculator. How can Booker use his wing to press the buttons if they're not fingers? And also, why would Booker press many other places on the calculator in moving if he's doing a possible equation of just adding zeroes?
  • The baby wouldn't be able to already know all his English vocabulary if he wasn't born yet. Also, how does he know where to run if he is trapped in the egg shell?


Booker: I wonder what worms eat. You catch fish with worms; maybe you catch worms with fish.

Roy: What I did, I am not fit to eat with pigs! Sorry, Orson.

Roy: Oh, Sheldon, you’re alive! Not yet born, but alive.

Third Segment: Hansel and Garfield

Hansel and Garfield: Garfield tells Nermal his twist on the story of Hansel and Gretel, which Nermal dislikes.

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