Airdate December 9, 1989.

First Segment:China Cat

While visiting China, a waitress at a restaurant tells Jon a legend about an orange cat similar to Garfield, and how it brings bad luck.

Second Segment: Cock-a-Doodle Dandy

Roy tries to think of a way to make his bugle wake-up call without disturbing an insomniac bear.


  • Orson has a Garfield alarm clock.
  • Lanolin does not appear in this episode.


Sheldon: Uh, when do I come in, Bo?

Bo: Like, you're not in the story this week, eggo. Sorry.

Sheldon: Huh! Well, I talked. You gotta pay me.

Bo: I know.

Orson: Remember, if you miss one more day of wake-up call, you're fired!

Roy: But I--but I--but I--but I--but I--But I...

Bo [voice-over]: Roy but I-ed for about an hour and a half.

Orson: See you next time, folks. Maybe I'll have a bigger role.

Bo: Orson always likes to get up at the crack of dawn, which is why he was steamed to find out it was 10:15.


  • If Orson has an alarm clock, why does he need Roy to wake him up?

Third Segment: Beach Blanket Bonzo

Main article: Beach Blanket Bonzo

Jon tries to impress a girl at the beach, and Garfield doesn't understand how anyone could go crazy over a pretty face until he falls in love with a female cat named Lola.

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