Gort (voiced by Thom Huge) is one of the brothers of Orson. Like his brothers, he spends his time stealing food, and tormenting Orson and sometimes the other farm animals. He has yellow eyes and is (sometimes) the leader of the gang.

In the season two episode "Gort Goes Good", he told Orson that he had turned a new leaf, and given up his evil ways. But it turned out to be a trick, so he, Mort and Wart could steal the crops' apples.


Keeping Cool: (To Orson) "Hi, brother."

Short Story: "C'mon, guys. Let's see if we can find about 80 gallons of thousand island dressing."

Gort Goes Good: "I don't wanna live with those nasty brothers of mine, no more. Right this minute, they're trying to steal your apples."

Ben Hog: "You're a wimp, Ben Hog!"

Rainy Day Robot: "I'm gonna pound this rooster!"

The Name Game: (To Wade) "You're not leaving until you turn all this straw into gold."

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