Hamelot is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends. It is the 101st episode that was produced for the series, [1] yet it was the 104th episode to be broadcasted. It originally aired on December 2, 1989.


During a hot summer day, Orson dreams of himself and his friends in a Camelot type of story.


Orson is reading a book about King Arthur in his waller on a hot day until the gang informs him that the shower is broken. Orson decides to remedy this by retrieving the old, leaky milk pail that is in the tool shed. He goes to the shed and soon spots the pail on a shelf above a pile of junk. He carefully climbs onto the junk pile and grabs the pail, but the pile collapses, and Orson crashes and soon dreams of himself in a Camelot-like setting.

A griffin had stolen the holey pail from Hamelot, and King Orson and his knights have to retrieve it to restore order in the community. After searching through the forest, the crew comes across a clearing, where the griffin appears to be hosting a show of sorts before he eats everyone (Possibly a reference to Merv Griffin).Orson then spots the pail at the top of a tall junk heap surrounded by barbed wire, and Sir Cackle-a-Lot (Roy) suggests that he stall the griffin with jokes while Orson goes off to ask the Lady of the Lake (Lanolin) for the secret for retrieving the pail.

The Lady of the Lake states that she will only give away her secret to one that is worthy, and Orson finally convinces her to by telling her that the pail will benefit his friends. The Lady then gives him a magnet, and he returns to the clearing just as Roy is finishing his act and the griffin is getting ready to eat everyone. Orson then uses the magnet to attract the pail and announces that they’re all returning to Hamelot. When Orson awakens from the dream, he uses a magnet to attract the milk pail; then he goes back and uses the pail as a shower head.



  • After Sir Cackle-a-Lot (Roy) first interrupts King Orson’s song, Orson’s eyes are pink and his eyelids are white (rather than the other way around) for a split second.


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