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Harry is a cat who Garfield often encounters. He is a stray alley cat with black fur and different colored eyes, one green and one orange. He claims to be a stray alley cat; however, Garfield first introduces him as the black cat that lives two doors down. Later, when Harry is hungry, Arlene (also a stray) tells him they will get food back at home, implying they are both house-cats.

In most of his appearances, Harry is shown as Garfield's friend, but on some occasions, he is portrayed as an antagonist.

Harry loves to eat birds, and on two occasions Garfield has had to save some bluebirds from being eaten by Harry. He has also been able to get jobs on occasion, including one with Dr. Whipple where he pretended to be well-behaved. It annoys Harry greatly that Garfield usually tries to foil his jobs unintentionally and provides some gaps of static in their friendship.


Harry is in many ways like Garfield, in that he is very badly behaved. Unlike Garfield, he does not seem to have quite as much morality.


The Garfield Show

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  • Harry has Heterchromia and he is one of four characters with colored eyes instead of black pupils, the others being Catzilla and Siam and Tyham.
  • When Harry says "Oh no!", repeatedly in It's a Cheese World, his voice gets deeper.
  • In Mother Garfield, Harry doesn't eat lasagna, but in The Pet Show, he has a craving for lasagna.
  • Harry mentioned himself that he was faster and stronger, which means in It's a Cheese World, he is able to kick Garfield in the sky in strength, He can also ride a skateboard. Also, he said he was able to jump out across the rooftops, this was only mentioned in Out on a Limb.


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