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The Hawaiian Cat Flu is a fictional disease that was first shown in the comic strip and then later used in the Garfield and Friends episode Garfield Goes Hawaiian.

In the Comic Strip

During March 18-23, 1985, Garfield became diagnosed with the Hawaiian Cat Flu. The effects were that he starts acting like a pure Hawaiian and thinking that he's in Hawaii. Such as pretending to surf, wearing a flower shirt, dancing, etc.

In Garfield and Friends


In Garfield Goes Hawaiian, Garfield gets the disease. The effects however are different. Whenever he hears someone mentioning something Hawaiian he'll dance and thinks that he's in Hawaii. Jon signs him up for a TV show however Garfeld gets well after secretly taking the medicine without telling Jon.

Alaskan Cat Flu

This is another fictional disease that has the same effect as the Hawaiian Cat Flu, except that the subject will think he's in Alaska.

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