Little Red Riding Egg is an episode of U.S. Acres from the series Garfield and Friends. It originally aired on November 25, 1989.[1]



Orson films an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, while the fox looks for chickens on the farm.


Orson finds a discarded video camera in the trash, and then he suggests to Wade that they can film their own movies; Wade soon gets stage fright and runs to hide in a barrel. Orson then recruits Booker and Sheldon for an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood (with Sheldon as the eponymous character and Booker as the woodsman). He then casts Bo as the director and Roy as the wolf, but Roy keeps flubbing his lines; meanwhile, the fox comes along and sneaks around, trying to snatch Sheldon.

Orson eventually gives up on the opening scene and then decides to cut to the scene in Grandma’s house. Sheldon reminds Orson that they have no one to play Grandma; Orson then finds Wade still hiding in the barrel and convinces him to play Grandma after informing him that it’s a lead role. Meanwhile, the fox sneaks into Roy’s trailer and binds and gags him; then, when the scene in Grandma’s house starts, Wade goes off-book and mistakes the fox for Roy. Roy then bounces out in a sack toward Wade and the fox, (still bound and gagged) warning Wade it's the fox; Wade then realizes that the fox is not Roy.

The fox runs out of the trailer and captures Sheldon. Bo then sets the fox up for a car chase scene and gives him a football as a stunt egg; then he pushes his car down a hill and eventually off the farm. After most of the gang leaves to get Orson’s film developed, Wade wonders if they’d forgotten something before he leaves as well. Roy then bounces up the hill, still bound and gagged.



  • Orson’s eyes turn pink for a split second after he gives Roy the cheese sandwich. Bo’s face also keeps changing color when he approaches Roy’s trailer.


Orson: Do you think we can get Roy to play the wolf?

[Roy zooms up]

Roy: [Rapidly] I want billing over the title, script approval, my own dressing room, $3 million up front, and ten percent of the gross.

Orson: I will give you a cheese sandwich.

Roy: Deal.

Bo: Little Red Riding Egg, take…oh, I have absolutely no idea, man.


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