Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson (first appearance June 26, 1979) is the tetartagonist of the Garfield franchise. She is Garfield's sarcastic, smart-mouthed but sweet, kind, caring, and animal-loving veterinarian and the longtime crush, later girlfriend, of Jon Arbuckle.

In the strip, Jon had attempted to ask her out on a date many times over the years, but rarely succeeded. She sometimes agreed to date him, but those outings usually became disastrous (often thanks to Garfield either tagging along for the ride, or doing something to Jon before the date starts that effects and ruins the rest of the date). However, in a series of strips from the Summer of 2006, Liz finally admitted that she had feelings for Jon. The two have been portrayed as a couple ever since, though Jon's trademark geekiness continues to both amuse and embarrass Liz.

Her first albeit brief television appearance was on the second TV special, Garfield on the Town. She is voiced in the animated shows by Julie Payne. In the live-action films Garfield: The Movie and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, she becomes Jon's "girlfriend". In A Tail of Two Kitties, Jon proposes marriage to Liz and she accepts. However, this is not mentioned in or connected to the strips. In the films, Liz is portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewlett.


Although she has somewhat of a deadpan and sardonic persona, Liz rarely reacts negatively to Jon's outlandish and goofball behavior, even finding it endearing enough on occasion to give him a date. After becoming his full-time girlfriend, Liz continues to maintain her stoic personality, but balances this with her best attempts to be supportive of Jon.

Originally, Liz treated Garfield as a simple patient and didn't show much of an interest around him. When she became Jon's girlfriend, Liz attempted to make peace with Garfield, but he was initially jealous of Liz as he felt that she was moving in on their lifestyle. Garfield eventually warmed up to her presence (with help from a few peace offerings of pizza) and now tolerates Liz at a bare minimum.


  • Shortly after her first appearance in the strip in 1979, she told Jon her name was not short for "Elizabeth" but for "Lizard", although this was most likely a joke.
  • In the comics, it's suggested that Liz's Birthday is somewhere around July 20th.
  • On December 31, 2006, it is revealed her private car is a green Volkswagen New Beetle. She has a silver Nissan Frontier in the movie, but now has a grey GMC Canyon.
  • She has made 557 appearances as of June 19, 2016, the 4th most of any character.





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