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Miss Kitty is the chef of the Short Branch Cafe. She is known as "the only woman who could reach the Lasagna Kid's heart".

She was kidnapped by the Leibkovitz Brothers from the saloon she worked in, and saved by the Lasagna Kid in a canyon beyond the town.


In the beginning of the episode, Kitty seems to care about the Lasagna Kid, admiring the way he inhales meals. The passion is broken when Kitty is saved from the Leibkovitz Brothers in the canyon. She asks the Kid how she can show her appreciation. Quite predictably, the Kid suggests dinner, which makes Kitty upset.

Kitty is the same height as Garfield. She wears a red dress with white details and cleavage, matching bonnet, black choker on neck, and light blue eyeshadow as makeup.


Garfield and Friends

Season 3


Miss Kitty's namesake appeared in The Garfield Show, though that cat bears little resemblance to original from The Cactus Saga.




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