Eat, eat, eat, eat
- Mom when she first appeared

Mrs. Arbuckle is Jon Arbuckle and Doc Boy's sweet, home-focused, bubbly mother, who lives on a farm and is known to be a great cook, offering a wide variety of food for Jon to eat when he visits, especially her ability to create dozens of potato-based dishes. Based on Jim Davis' mother, Jon's mother is also known for sending him and Garfield cooked meals in packages. In the Garfield and Friends episode, "Feeling Feline," she appears in a speaking line along with Jon's father (no speaking parts) in Jon's dream and she also appears in The Garfield Show.



Garfield and Friends

Season 2

The Garfield Show


  • In The Garfield Show, she has regular eyes (like Lyman) and eyelashes, while in the comic strips and earlier cartoons, she has her eyes closed or dots as her eyes and no eyelashes.
  • She has appeared 84 times in the comics, the equal 20th most.


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