Mona is the owner of the saloon Mona's, which the Lasagna Kid (Garfield) frequents.

She was kidnapped by a stranger, who entered Mona's and was disappointed that he would have to wait until the Kid completed his meal in order to be served. After being saved by him, Mona has the Kid regularly visit her saloon (by ringing a gold supper bell).


Little is known about Mona. She is friendly and caring for customers (especially the Lasagna Kid), and pleased with the Lasagna Kid's appetite for meals she herself cooks.

Mona wears a dark pink dress without sleeves, pink lipstick and beehive-style hairdo.

She is known for making "the world's greatest pasta" as well as "beauty [that] could make [one's] heart skip". Most bachelors who visit Mona's attempt to woo her.


Garfield and Friends

Season 6


  • Mona appears rather different from other cats in the series, being visibly taller and lacks a tail.
  • Mona is the only female in Garfield and Friends to be seen kissing Garfield.
  • Her fur color varies between scenes from silver gray (in saloon scenes) to dark beige (in outdoors scenes).
  • Her hairdo is similar to that of Marge Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • She seems to accept the Lasagna Kid caring mostly about the food she cooks.


The full gallery for Mona can be viewed here. Below are only examples from the scenes.



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