Mrs. Feeny is a (presumably elderly) woman who lives across the street from Jon, Garfield and Odie. She's frequently tormented by Garfield in various ways, and as result, she's regularly calling Jon to inform of what Garfield has done---she's also been known to get revenge on Jon for what Garfield has done, such as beating up Jon badly or giving him a cake that had a land mine inside it. She occasionally gets revenge on Garfield. Although she's been mentioned a number of times over the years, she hasn't made any physical appearances in the comic strip.

She has a small dog (mentioned to be a Chihuahua in some strips), also a frequent victim of Garfield's abuse. In the September 11, 2001 comic strip, Garfield comes home with a blonde wig, dentures, red high heels and pearls, all which belong to Mrs. Feeny. On March 7th of 2013, it's revealed that Mrs. Feeny also has a pet cat, who she takes on walks and also has a little outfit for it that matches the one she wears. On June 6, 2009 it is revealed that Mrs. Feeny frequently chases Garfield away with her leaf blower.

Her husband has been mentioned a few times, but hasn't made any appearances either.



More to Come


More to Come


  • She has been mentioned 30 times.
  • She used to have a bird named Mister Sweetywings, whom Garfield eventually ate.
  • Liz once tried convincing Garfield to try becoming friends with Mrs. Feeny; Garfield merely laughed at the idea.

List of What Garfield Has Done to her