Mud Sweet Mud is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Everyone works to clean up the farm after it becomes a mess.


The farm is littered with junk everywhere. Bo notices this and comments about the mess, with Lanolin disagreeing with him, as usual. Orson breaks up the argument, saying that one of them is right and they should all clean the farm up. Everyone gets to work on tasks such as removing the garbage, repainting the barn, andraking up the leaves. When the farm is finally clean, they find one more target: the mud in Orson's waller.

They proceed to clean out the waller, much to Orson's dismay. They find nothing good about mud, while Orson tells them how his waller is important to him, leading him to a song cue. Afterward, he allows them to remove the waller if they still think nothing about it.

The other animals sympathize with Orson and feel guilty about what they are about to do. As Orson walks away in despair, he hears the others having fun in his waller, much to his delight. He runs back to the waller, joining in on the fun.




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