Mystic Manor

Mystic Manor is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


When Odie enters a strange mansion, Garfield goes in to get him back.


Jon tries to take Garfield and Odie to Mystic Manor, a haunted house. However, the owner of the house informs them that it has been closed for years (as tourists went in, "they just didn't come out"). Jon then decides to check into a nearby motel.

As Jon heads for a nap before preparing dinner, he assigns Garfield to make sure Odie remains safe, otherwise Garfield won't get dinner. As Garfield falls asleep, Odie goes after a bat, which leads him into Mystic Manor through a hole. Garfield reluctantly follows him, which brings him into the garden. After pulling a rope (with a sign that says "DO NOT PULL ROPE"), he ends up inside the house.

Inside, Garfield encounters various unusual aspects of the house, such as a trick mirror, an ad-libbing echo, and an elevator door that leads to a stairway. He is also chased by a monster. Eventually he finds and reunites with Odie. The two then exit the house by crashing through a wall (which Garfield calls playing "instant door") and rush into Jon.

When they inform him of their visit to Mystic Manor, Jon tries to bring them to Mystic Manor to show them that they shouldn't be afraid of it. Upon their arrival, they instead find a skyscraper under construction. A construction worker tells them that Mystic Manor was demolished a few years ago. Terrified, the trio race to the car and drive off.

The construction worker then turns out to be the owner in disguise. The owner then laughs, noting "That's the ninth one this week and it's only Tuesday". He continues laughing as he heads back to the actual Mystic Manor.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • When Garfield slides down a pole, one of the rooms he passes by includes Jim Davis (with his head on Garfield's body) drawing a picture of Garfield.

Cultural References

  • Garfield mentions Tarzan when he enters the garden of Mystic Manor.
  • The monster that goes after Garfield resembles Frankenstein's monster.
  • At one point, Garfield encounters characters from the comic strip Nancy.

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