Sales Resistance

Sales Resistance is an episode from the first season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield tries not to buy any more useless stuff following a threat from Jon.


Jon is returning home from work (and humming the Garfield and Friends theme tune) when someone exits the Arbuckle house with enough money to take a vacation. Jon is convinced that Garfield is buying stuff without his permission and he enters the house in a rage, slamming the door in the process, which Garfield points out as Jon scolds him for wasting his money on overpriced useless pieces of junk. He goes back out, threatening Garfield with no lasagna for the rest of his life if he buys one more thing.

Garfield finds the thought of a lifetime lasagna ban unbearable and goes to watch television, where he switches over to a channel where salesman Herbert Finagle is offering viewers a Laser-Powered Elephant Repeller which Garfield notes he doesn't have. He runs over to the telephone, but remembers Jon's threat from earlier ("no lasagna for the rest of your life") and tries to resist. Then, the devious salesman tells viewers that the first 20 callers get their repeller absolutely free, which leads Garfield to buy the product anyway.

Finagle arrives in his fancy convertible and is about to give Garfield his free Elephant Repeller, when he realizes that Garfield owes him $28 in charges. Now realizing he has been tricked, Garfield slams the door in his face, refusing to pay such a hefty price, and goes back to watching the TV. However, Finagle climbs through the window, and Garfield throws him out the door. But, try as he might, Garfield's efforts to keep Finagle away prove fruitless, and he shows up everywhere Garfield goes.

Garfield barricades the door and decides to hide under the bed, only to realize that Finagle is hiding under there too. He hides in the basement but Finagle is hiding in there too, and Garfield gives up and offers to buy the product. Jon comes back home as Finagle tells him that he will offer them a thousand dollar money-back guarantee if the repeller doesn't keep elephants away. Jon then screams at Garfield.

Finagle is just about to leave when he hears an elephant's trumpet. He realizes to his horror that three elephants have appeared outside the Arbuckle house, and he falls to the floor sobbing as now, true to his word, he owes Jon, Garfield and Odie a thousand dollars, which Garfield suggests he can now spend on a Microwave Cheese Straightener.

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Salesman (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Potato Host (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Snail Race Announcer (voiced by Larry Storch)
  • Woman
  • Elephants


Cultural References

  • One of the items Garfield bought was an elbow macaroni statue of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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