Season 7 (1995)

In this season, the show went back to airing one new episode a week, but stayed in the hour-length format, filling up the second half-hour with episodes from the previous season and some of the prime-time specials. This entire season, along with the second half of season 6, is available on Garfield and Friends: Volume 5 DVD set. Also worth noting is that here, a new theme song was added that was written by J.R. Johnston and Neil Panton. The theme was sung by J.R. Johnston. This theme song was not shown internationally, and as a result, it does not appear on the DVDs (although Garfield's quotations are kept intact).

Episode 106 Episode 107 Episode 108 Episode 109

The Legend of Johnny Ragweedseed

Grape Expectations (Part 1)

Catch As Cats Can't

A Matter of Conscience

Grape Expectations (Part 2)

Top Ten

Change Of Mind

Temp Trouble

The Perfect Match

My Fair Feline

Double Trouble Talk

Half-Baked Alaska

Episode 110 Episode 111 Episode 112 Episode 113

Puss In High-Tops

Egg Over Easy (Part 1)

The Beast From Beyond

Model Behavior

Egg Over Easy (Part 2)

Another Ant Episode

The Guy of Her Dreams

The Discount of Monte Cristo

The Fairy Dogmother

The Stand-Up Mouse

Daydream Doctor

Happy Garfield Day

Episode 114 Episode 115 Episode 116 Episode 117

Sit on It

Kiddie Korner

Brainware Broadcast

Suburban Jungle

The Thing in the Box

The Feline Philosopher

Thoroughly Mixed-Up Mouse

The Old Man of the Mountain

Food Fighter

The Jelly Roger

The Farmyard Feline Philosopher

Dogmother 2

Episode 118 Episode 119 Episode 120 Episode 121

Alley Katta and the 40 Thieves

If It's Tuesday This Must Be Alpha Centauri

Clash of the Titans

Canned Laughter

Deja Vu

The Man Who Hated Cats

The Horror Hostess (Part 1)

Newsworthy Wade

The Horror Hostess (Part 2)

Arbuckle the Invincible

The Monster Who Couldn't Scare Anybody

The Ocean Blue

Season Six (1993-1994)
Garfield and Friends, Volume Five
Season Seven (1995)

Episodes from Garfield and Friends.

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