Sheldon is one of the main protagonists and a chick (inside of a egg shell) from U.S. Acres. He is Booker's brother who refused to hatch completely and appears as a walking egg with chicken feet sticking out of him. Unlike Booker, he is quiet, thoughtful, and introverted. He sometimes sits upon a mound of dirt/grassy knoll (his "Sanctum Sanctorum"), and muses upon life. A recurring gag is to portray his shell as the perfect living space within (which is known to have a microwave oven, pinball machine, stove, table tennis table and an air conditioner), without ever showing it.Sheldon first appeared in "Wanted Wade ." He last appeared in "The Monster Who Couldn´t Scare Anybody." In Garfield and Friends, he is voiced by Frank Welker.

Sheldon and Booker very much enjoy stories about monsters, ninjas, and mutants, since all these are masculine tone. They don't get along with Roy's niece Chloe (although, Sheldon hinted to fancy Chloe).

Physical Appearance

Sheldon looks like a typical avian egg, except that his legs appear from two holes at the bottom of the shell. He was once mistaken for a baby turtle.

In the episode "Shell Shocked Sheldon ", the shell finally hatched, only to reveal another shell underneath.

What Sheldon Does Inside

  • Play table tennis
  • A cleaning lady comes in every week (in the comic strip)
  • Read the newspapers ("Shell Shocked Sheldon")
  • Post pictures onto his shell using a hammer and a nail
  • Take out a grill to barbeque burgers ("Scrambled Eggs")
  • Plays PinBall


  • In the show, Frank Welker, the voice actor of Sheldon had to cover his mouth in order to mimic the voice of being inside the shell.
  • The world inside his shell is an example of hammerspace. Coincidentally, around the same time as US Acres, there was a TV show called Popples which contained characters who had hammerspace in their pouches like Sheldon, and would pull out anything they needed from them. One episode contained the white Popple, Puffball, showing the viewers what's inside her pouch.
  • In one comic that appeared on May 28, 1986, he says he didn't want to hatch because he read the newspapers and saw how dangerous the world was. Booker breaks the fourth wall and tells everyone he isn't an ordinary egg. But in the June 1, 1986 comic, which begins with him singing "I'm A Little Teapot", Sheldon says it's because wherever he goes, he's home. He then says he doesn't need an umbrella, he saves money on haircuts, he doesn't take baths, and nobody can call him a chicken. He then forces Booker to be an egg, too, but then falls down.
  • Technically, contrary to the popular belief and the cartoon's plot, Sheldon has been born but hasn't hatched, despite having been born. This may heavily imply that Sheldon was born, but used his shell as protection.
  • Strangely, his speeches are not in thoughts in the comic, possibly because everyone on the farm is a talking animal. In addition, Sheldon is a chicken, although he despicts himself as an egg instead.
  • Sheldon is able to see despite his shell covering his face