The Fitness Song is a song from Weighty Problem, sung by Jon and Garfield.


  • Jon: Here's my dumbbell.
  • Garfield: Here's my dumb bell.
  • Jon: Here's my little rope.
  • Garfield: Here's my little dope.
  • Jon: What's wrong with a little exercise?
  • Garfield: What's wrong with a little extra size?
  • Jon: Maybe there's still hope!
  • Garfield: Nope.
  • Jon: Let's turn this place into a gym!
  • Garfield: I think there's something seriously wrong with him!
  • Jon: Workout! Workout! That's what it's gonna take!
  • Garfield: Cookout! Cookout! How 'bout a great big steak?
  • Jon: The road to health, is paved with good intentions.
  • Garfield: The road to the kitchen, can lead to new dimensions.
  • Jon: Garfield, we're gonna get in shape!
  • Garfield: Fat chance! Whoa, yeah!

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