Garfield Musical

The Garfield Musical is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield learns that he should focus more attention on Penelope than on food.


Penelope waits for Garfield in the restaurant she lives in. Penny admits she has no idea why is she dating Garfield, despite the fact that he's late on appointments and dates with him are boring ones. When Garfield appears, Penelope hoped he'd take her to a place she picked, but it turns out he'll be singing to her at the restaurant she lives in.

Penny gets upset and leaves the restaurant, only to discover Mister Rock and Roll with his bandsmen performing in the Kit Kat Klub. While watching their performance, Penelope falls in love with the feline musician, who apparently has charmed her. She comes back to Garfield, only to tell him that they have ended their relationship, which breaks Garfield's heart.

At first, Garfield is planning to forget about Penelope, only to realize the error of his ways. Having found a store for musicians, Garfield has an idea to restore his relationship with Penelope - by dressing as Elvis Presley and giving his own performance at the Kit Kat Club. This breaks Penny's charm with Mister Rock and Roll, so Garfield and Penelope remain a couple.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • In this episode, Penny has darker fur and lipstick than in other Penelope episodes.
  • The way Garfield is dressed as Elvis Presley looks exactly the same as in Garfield Goes Hollywood.
  • Mister Rock and Roll seems to be human height (see screen caps).

Cultural References

  • When Penelope leaves her home restaurant as a result of being let down by Garfield, he approaches her in the same way Fred Flintstone throws his bowling ball in The Flintstones.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Garfield sings "Don't you step on my blue suede paws!", which is based on the Carl Perkins song Blue Suede Shoes.

Sung parts

(Penelope singing in her room behind the pizzeria, the very beginning of the episode)

He's lazy and rude,

He eats all the food,

He watches the TV all day.

So why is he so dreamy to me? I can't say!

When we have a date,

He's usually late,

And he expects me to pay!

So why is he so dreamy to me? I can't say!


  • When Penelope is singing about Garfield expecting her to pay, her ears change color into fur gray instead of standard pink flesh.
  • It is unknown, how does Mr. Rock and Roll know Penelope's name and how can he be aware of her presence.
  • While pursuing Penelope in the middle of the episode (after the first performance of Mister Rock and Roll in the Kit Kat Klub), Garfield seems exceptionally agile despite his obesity. Notice the way he jumps between building roofs - he does that automatically.
  • In the end of the episode, when Garfield is leaving the stage, Penny is jumping like a rabbit at his direction.


The episode gallery can be seen here.

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