The Garfield Opera

The Garfield Opera is an episode of Garfield and Friends. It is a musical episode set to Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours. It first aired on October 24, 1992.


The episode begins with a montage of typical Garfield hijinks, but then The Buddy Bears interrupt with a "Serious Cultural Moment." The perturbed viewer then switches the channel to a monster movie, but the Buddy Bears promise that the viewer would like it, prompting him to switch back. They then introduce Garfield's first symphony.

A stage appears, and Floyd appears as the conductor. The show begins with Garfield sleeping but he wakes up at 7:30, much to his annoyance. He tries to go back to sleep but is disturbed by Odie and Nermal. He decides to go into to the kitchen instead. However, he sees Jon holding a plate of lettuce and and demands for him to make a better breakfast. Yet Jon tells Garfield "you're too fat" and puts him out a diet. Then our fat feline prances away and tries to steal Odie's bone. However, he fails after a ballet duet.

Then Nermal appears to gush about how cute he is, but Garfield does an Egyptian style dance and proceeds to give Nermal to the Mailman to ship to Abu Dhabi. While he was outside, he sees the obese Mrs. Ann McPherson ("the chairman, undefeated, of a group that makes sure pets are not mistreated.) Garfield hatches a plan. He goes into Jon's closet, uses a corset to appear skinny, and stumbles out in front of Mrs. McPherson. McPherson sees Garfield in his pitiful condition and sings, "you poor cat." She takes him in to Jon and tells him to feed Garfield, telling him that if he does not, she will call the cops and "cars of men will put [him] behind bars."

Jon prepares a massive feast and begins feeding Garfield so much that not only does the corset break off, but he begins to grow continuously. He becomes too big for the stage and the auditorium, and eventually gets to the size where he can stand on the Earth and eat distant planets. Binky, Orson, and Roy make cameos panicking, but then the curtains fall. Garfield is shown at his regular size as he and the others bow in the end.


So a new day's slowly dawning,
Please forgive this cat for yawning.
I see that it's half past seven.
I think I'll go back to bed until eleven.

But the puppy makes me cautious.
And our houseguest makes me nauseous.
I would sleep but I'm unable.
Might as well see if my breakfast's on the table.

Where's my meal? I am starving.
Start the cooking. Start the carving.
I eat breakfast as a habit.
This is quite a lovely meal for a rabbit.

Make an omelet. Make a waffle.
Though you're cooking's really awful.
Make me pancakes. Make me bacon.
If you think that I will eat this, you're mistaken.

You're too fat! I can't keep quiet!
You're too fat! It's time to diet!
I insist! You will not have a feast
until you lose ten pounds at least.

No more food! Forgive me if I'm sounding rude
But you will have to lose some weight!
You get no more to eat!
Until you look and see your feet!

Hiya Odie! Whatcha doing?
How's that bone that you are chewing?
There's a rumbling in my tummy.
And that bone of yours is looking pretty yummy.

I am Nermal! I'm a cutie!
I'm the peak of feline beauty!
Folks adore me! If they met me!
They will line up for a mile just to pet me!

Sorry, Nermal. Not this morning.
You have had your final warning.
I have taken up a hobby
Mailing kittens all the way to Abu Dhabi.

Un momento. Who's that person?
Why it's Mrs. Ann McPherson.
She's the chairman, undefeated
Of a group that makes sure pets are not mistreated.

Mrs. Ann McPherson:
You poor cat! I heard you squeal!
You poor cat! You need a meal!
It appears your master doesn't give
You all the things you need to live.

Feed this cat! You know this is a real threat!
If you don't I will call the cops!
And they will send some cars
Of men to put you behind bars.

Eat! Have a bowl of shredded wheat!
Add some sugar make it sweet!
For a treat! It's so neat when you add fruit or berry!

Eat! Dieting is obsolete!
Have another piece of meat!
Can't be beat, though you cannot see your feet!

There is nothing in this world like eating all that's edible.
Have some ice cream, lightly swirled, it's really just incredible.
Eat each pie and roll and tart, and do not count a calorie.
Eating is the finest art, you should be in a gallery.

Chew! Chew! Chew!
Yes you just stuff yourself until your little tummy aches.
Bite! Bite! Bite!
Bite All night! Eat sandwiches that your weary kitchen master makes!
And cakes! And steaks! And flakes! And lakes of shakes, land sakes!

Munch! Have another glass of punch!
Eat bananas by the bunch, I've a hunch
That you're planning something good for dinner.

Munch! Hear that meal going crunch!
Think your chair is gonna scrutch!
What a brunch! This should hold you until lunch.

You know you love to dine on each find kind of food you can find.
You put it all away although as you well know it all winds up behind.

Do not let your fork stop! Have another pork chop!


  • "Dance of the Hours" was also famously parodied with "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)" by Allan Sherman.

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