The Genuine Article

The Genuine Article is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield encounters a cat named Gabriel, who is not unlike Garfield.


The episode begins with Garfield having a dilemma deciding what should he do during the day. He makes the choice for his activity by throwing a dart while having his eyes blind-folded and he chooses to kick Odie off the table. Jon, who saw the entire incident, decides to throw Garfield out of the house as punishment.

Being outdoors, Garfield hears Herman Post talking about a cat, who behaves in a similar way to Garfield. It turns out, that a tomcat named Gabriel emulates Garfield - both by living with an owner similar to Jon and an Odie-like dog called Ollie and by conduct from eating lasagna and kicking the dog off the table to disturbing the mailman and even using Garfield's catchphrases.

Gabriel's owner treats his cat in the same way Jon threw Garfield out of the house, so the two felines meet together down the street. Their first talk about Gabriel emulating Garfield it ends up with Garfield threatening to sue Gabriel for copyright infringement, then Garfield walks home.

During the night, Garfield has nightmares about Gabriel taking over Penelope, the cartoon (renamed "Gabriel and Friends" ) and even merchandise ("Stuck On You" toys inside a car). All those unpleasant experiences wake Garfield and Gabriel (who simultaneously has the same bad dream) from their sleep and both cats run frantically at each other. Their second meeting ends up with both tomcats dressing in the exact same way, then Gabriel gives up and explains, that he admires Garfield so much, that he wanted to be like him and as a result, Gabriel lost his own identity.

Garfield helps Gabriel in retrieving his own personality with a workout of doing non-Garfield things: eating healthy, exercising and sleeping only 8 hours a day.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • While being presented with lasagna, Gabriel looks at his wrist as if he were wearing a watch, similar to Garfield in The Perils of Penelope.
  • Gabriel has his own "Tales of Scary Stuff".
  • Although a sixth season episode, Penelope is shown as she appeared in Season 5 - with beige fur, eyelashes and lipstick without outlines.
  • Penelope is visibly taller than Gabriel (and Garfield, being the same height as Gabriel).
  • During the "merchandising" part of Garfield's nightmare, a Gabriel "Stuck On You" toy is shown in a car.

Cultural References

  • As he bids farewell, Garfield suggests that Gabriel become an Elvis impersonator if he isn't satisfied with being himself.


The episode gallery can be seen here.

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