The Horror Hostess is a two-part episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Part 1

Garfield gets Jon Arbuckle on a date with a famous woman, but there's more to her, than meets the eye.

Part 2

Jon is shrunk, in a baseball uniform by his date, along with eight other men. Vivacia has kidnapped the men, to create her own baseball team. It's now up to Garfield & Odie to save them.


  • This is the last two-part episode of Garfield and Friends, and the only non-U.S Acres one of the series. This is also the last Garfield cartoon produced for the series.

Cultural References

  • Just before the duo encounter Spot, Garfield remarks "If there's a fire breathing dragon, then I'm Bugs Bunny." Afterwards, he does an impression of Bugs, including the carrot munching and "What's up, doc?"