The Panther

The Panther is the main antagonist of the TV special Garfield in the Rough.

Complete movements of the panther

The panther was in a local zoo but escaped from the zoo on the same morning that Garfield, Jon, and Odie drove to the camp site Lake Woebegone. The panther was also on Lake Woebegone. Jon, Garfield, and Odie have heard of the news that the panther escaped from the zoo and is in Lake Woebegone. Gafield decides to leave, but Jon insists that Lake Woebegone is miles away, even though they all are in Lake Woebegone. Dicky Beaver, a beaver who resides in Lake Woebegone, saw the panther extremely close to him before. When Garfield asks Dicky Beaver and a rabbit named Billy if they've heard of the panther that Garfield heard of on the radio, Dicky tells Garfield about his confrontation with the panther.

Garfield then warns Odie about the panther, and the two run back to Jon. Before this happened, the park rangers tried to warn Jon and his pets to evacuate the area with a note that says, "Killer panther loose in area. You must evacuate immediately" but the note got burned up in a fire before Jon or Garfield could find it.

Garfield tries to warn Jon, but Jon doesn't believe him (since Garfield cannot speak). However, Jon sees the panther himself who is extremely close. Jon yells at Garfield and Odie to run, while Garfield climbs up a tree, and Odie runs back with Jon into the small tent.

The Panther with Jon Arbuckle

The Panther with Jon Arbuckle

The panther claws Jon's tent, and Jon and Odie get into the car. The panther scratches, then breaks the window on Jon's car, and claws Jon in the stomach. Garfield then jumps down from the tree and attacks the panther while scratching and biting the panther's back. However, Garfield is not strong enough and the panther throws him off. Garfield was just about to get killed by the panther until the park rangers came in and immediately fired a tranquilizer dart at the panther, which immediately makes the panther fall asleep before even managing to attack Garfield.

Jon and Odie cheer for Garfield's bravery, and the park rangers are proud of saving Garfield, Jon, and Odie. Jon decides to drive Garfield and Odie back home with Garfield remarking, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going".



  • The panther is the first antagonist who throws Garfield away. The second was Happy Chapman.

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