The Second Penelope Episode

The Second Penelope Episode is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


A cat named Lorelei tries to steal Garfield from Penelope.


Garfield and Penelope are walking down the street, planning how to spend the evening. When Penny says her catchphrase "I don't care what we do, just as long as we do it together", Garfield suggests watching the new "Kung Fu Creatures" movie, which doesn't impress Penny.

Their plans are interrupted by a dogcatcher's van nearly running them over; fortunately, the cats manage to jump from the road and land safely. Penelope is showing her gratitude for Garfield saving her by asking Garfield to meet her momma, when Lorelei interrupts them trying to charm Garfield and commits faux pas, when she mistakes Penelope for Garfield's niece. Penny becomes irritated and insists that Garfield go with her to the movie she was reluctant to see earlier. Then Lorelei declares "Yes, I hope you'll enjoy your last date" and laughs.

In the next scene, Garfield and Penelope travel to a drive-in movie theater to watch the Kung Fu Monsters movie. Penny seems to be enjoying the date, while Garfield tries, without success, to snatch pizza from the delivery girl. The appearance of Lorelei annoys the drive-in guard, who calls the animal shelter for intervention, while Lorelei is looking for Garfield. Meanwhile, Penelope is so pleased with the date that is going on, that she cuddles warmly to Garfield and tells him, that she wants him to meet her momma. This suggestion frightens Garfield, who believes that Penny wants to marry him, so he excuses himself, officially looking for food, and jumps off the car roof. Penelope is expecting Garfield leaving her.

While walking between cars in the drive-in movie theater, Garfield meets up with Lorelei again. She expects him to ask her for anything, so Garfield asks in his usual manner for refreshment stand and tries to leave. Lorelei snatches him and starts ticking his chin, which makes Garfield feel comforted. Penelope suddenly witnesses that, which makes her burst into tears and run away with a broken heart. Garfield realizes, that he made the wrong choice and chooses Penelope, which drives Lorelei mad, and hd flees to search for Penny. Lorelei finds Garfield's lack of stable emotions to be childish (as evidenced by calling him "kitten") and declares that someday she will find herself a real man before she leaves.

Meanwhile, Penelope abandons the drive-in contemplating her sorrow caused by Garfield's betrayal only to be caught by the previously summoned animal shelter guy. In despair, she calls Garfield for help, while he realizes, that Penny has been caught. Garfield repairs his mistake by using the movie camera against the animal shelter guy - when Penny's captor sees a Kung Fu monster in front of his van, he gets so frightened that he crashes his car and flees in panic. Then, Penny is saved again and forgives Garfield for his betrayal.

While taking Penelope home, Garfield confirms that Lorelei means nothing to him, so Penny again asks Garfield to meet her momma. It turns out, that Penelope's Momma is a pizzeria owner, despite Garfield being convinced she would be Penny's mother. Penelope tickles Garfield's chin in the pizzeria, just like Lorelei did in the drive-in.



  • Penny's attitude towards the movie changes- at first she's reluctant to watch it, but she seems satisfied later on.
  • Humor in this episode is concentrated on Garfield remaining in mistake about Penelope's Momma - he first believes that Penny has plans to marry him, but it turns out in the end that she just wanted to satisfy his glutton needs.



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