The Spiders in the comic live to annoy Garfield. They sometimes walk around the house or dangle from the ceiling—and Garfield squishes them with rolled-up newspapers. This, of course, leads to several attempts by the spiders to get back at Garfield—surprisingly, successful in around half of the cases. Garfield does occasionally obtain help from the spiders, such as to get rid of an annoying fly. A spider by the name of Guido has been introduced. The spiders often lose battles to Garfield. However, at times, they try to be nice to the cat. The spiders don't always die after being squished.


  • Using a laser pen to make Garfield fall of the table.
  • Taking Pooky as a hostage.
  • Ruining Garfield's selfie.
  • Imprisoning Garfield in a web(which has happened twice) or a cocoon of spider silk.
  • A group of spiders once managed to drag Garfield up in the air with their webbing, and then put a cactus below him before they drop Garfield. Garfield showed little concern, as he only mildly complained, "This will not end well"
  • Hitting Garfield with a newspaper (this has happened twice).
  • Tricking Garfield into not squishing them by tell him to squish them, or imitating the sounds of Garfield squishing them.
  • Wearing a hard hat to keep Garfield from squishing them.
  • Tricking Garfield into swatting himself on the head by tickling him.
  • Garfield attempts to squish a spider but fails due to the spider out running his swing.
  • Garfield tries to squish a spider with a window and ends up bringing down the house instead.
  • Garfield tries to jump on a spider and misses and falls through the floor.



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The Thing in the Box

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