Thom Huge (born September 1, 1944) is a voice actor who performed the voices of Jon Arbuckle, Binky the Clown, Roy Rooster, and Gort in Garfield and Friends. He also provided the voice of Jon (and several other characters) in all the television specials (with the exception of Here Comes Garfield). His first performance as Jon was in The Fantastic Funnies.

Other Roles

TV Specials

Garfield on the Town

  • Chef

Garfield: His 9 Lives

  • Caveman #1
  • Junior
  • Soldier
  • Computer

Garfield's Babes and Bullets

  • Landlord

Garfield Gets a Life

  • Ranger

Garfield and Friends


U.S. Acres

Garfield's Mad About Cats

  • Jon
  • Binky

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