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  • I live in South Africa
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is being a wiki contributor and admin.
  • I am a male.
  • Cooljoe01

    Welcome! I have written this blog post to express my thoughts on Aggression.

    Over the past few days, in comment sections, aggression seems to have become a common thing, mostly between three specific users as named:

    TeeJay87 (another admin)
    Jonisthebest (a contributor)
    Abdullahi95 (another contributor)

    While I enjoy the company of my fellow contributors, that still doesn't mean that comment sections should become a battle zone.

    Most of the aggression on the wikia is mostly caused by opinions. On things such as religion, politics or even silly things such as relationships between characters.

    Some users may apologize, but might start it all over again. When you make an apology, you must keep it, and not end back at square one.

    The wikia is meant for …

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  • Cooljoe01

    There have been specials of The Garfield Show. Season 4 hasn't aired in the US yet. Now, it's time to choose a favorite. Pick yo Pick:

    • Home For The Holidays
    • Unfair Weather

    • Furry Tales
    • Long Lost Lyman
    • Little Trouble In Big China

    • Lion Queen
    • Bewitched
    • The Mean Machine
    • Glitter Gulch
    • Against All Tides
    • Lasagna Tree
    • Into The West

    • Rodent Rebellion

    It is unknown if there is going to be other specials in future.

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  • Cooljoe01

    I am Going to give you a really bad story not made by me but someone else here it is:

    gafield was at fridg we was get som lazanga

    but then ther was nock at door! john aways asnwer the dor and gafeld is xat so he cant open dors

    johnn open the dor and was muder! the muder et a nif and sab john wit it


    gafield go up stair to get john

    'what it gafield'

    'ther was a muder at dor!'


    the muder was in the rom now! he shot bulet at johnu

    but then tim slow down and john dog bulet and grab it! he ten tos it at muderer

    but gafeld wwent to get some lazanga! ther was lazanga ouutside! gafeld go outsid

    but ther was muder!

    'OH NO ITS A MUDER' say gafield becus its a muder and muders want to ill people

    gafield go insid o…

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