Some time ago I discovered a website, where you can download original Garfield comics issues by KaBOOM! Studios despite limits including slow file transfer and requirements to have subscribed account, if you would like to download more files.

During last 2 weeks, I managed to download most of the issues, except those files greater than 100 MB size, which require subscription to have it downloaded. One of the more interesting issues is #15 from 2013 , with one story drawn by Genevieve FT (sample of her style is here ). There is a feline character named Fuzzy Wuzzy, who resembles from Krypto the Superdog. Just have a look at the set of pictures below:


Aren't they looking similar to each other?

Delilah is the one with Cartoon Network markings on screencaps, Fuzzy is the one Nermal is talking to in comics strips. Krypto the Superdog was made in 2005, while the comics was drawn in 2013.

Me and couple of my pen friends were talking about this topic on Skype - we came to conclusion, that Ms. FT must have been working on the cartoon in the past, which would explain the similarities between the characters. Especially since part of Fuzzy's collar does look like Kryptonite crystal.

Delilah belongs to Warner Bros.

Garfield and Nermal belong to PAWS Inc.

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