Vivacia is a minor antagonist from Garfield and Friends.


On TV, she wears a purplish periwinkle crown with a magenta diamond in front also a magenta collar with a skull to keep it together. Completed with a long black cloak with magenta on the inside and dark pink lining. With a long purplish blue dress with a a dark pink belt and shoes.

When she is done for the night, she wears her hair in a dark periwinkle scrunchie a light periwinkle collared shirt with a hot pink tie in a mid purplish suit with hot pink shoes.

But the weirdest thing is when Jon goes to her castle to eat dinner, her outfit is exactly the one she wears on TV but the key difference is that the one at her castle holds a magic wand. As seen in the second half of "The Horror Hostess," there is a holder for the wand on her belt.


While her claim to love horror movies is debatable, her love for baseball is very real.

She is deceiving, cunning, and beautiful, but powerful and sinister.


With the help of her magic wand she was able to lure eight men to her castle to create a miniature baseball team.

The spell "Magic wand of ancient eyes, bring this mortal down to size!" shrunk the men to rat sized baseball players. Jon was the guy who came at the wrong place at the wrong time, Vivacia cast the spell to bring him down to size. It worked after a couple of attempts. After Jon realized what was going on he tried to run but could not escape.


Garfield and Friends

Season 7


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