Wheezer is the nickname of an old friend of Jon's, who appeared in in a week of strips from 1990. He and Jon went through pictures from the yearbook (such as the prom, biology class, etc.). He reappeared in 1992 for the class reunion, where he stole Jon's pants. He refers to Jon as "Carpface" (a nickname earned due to a class photo of Jon covered in zits).

During Wheezer's stay, they often made funny noises and gestures, as well as reminiscing events from their school days. Garfield tended to be repulsed by them as a result.



  • There was a similar-looking character who briefly appeared in Garfield: His 9 Lives.
  • He has made 10 appearances.
  • He seems to enjoy embarrassing Jon.
  • Jon was his date to the prom.

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