Your Place is a song Orson Pig sings when the other animals try to remove his waller in the episode Mud Sweet Mud.


Orson Pig

  • Everybody needs a place to go,
  • A quiet, private place that no one knows,
  • We all need somewhere we like to be,
  • My waller's my place,
  • That's just for me.
  • Everybody needs a place to hide,
  • Where you can sort out the feelings,
  • You have inside.
  • Where you can dream,
  • And think a while.
  • Maybe turn a frown into a smile.
  • That's why I love my waller.
  • I can wish, pretend or be,
  • Wiser?
  • Or maybe just taller,
  • In my place that's special to me,
  • It might be your room,
  • Or up in a tree,
  • A walk in the park,
  • Or down by the sea,
  • But if your place is hard to find,
  • Just make up a place,
  • Inside your mind...